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All Shall Be Well – Reflections on Julian of Norwich

All Shall Be Well – please enjoy this reflection from our Moot service by our new Priest in Charge the Revd Paul Kennedy, speaking about Julian of Norwich.

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Lent & Easter at Moot

There will be a number of particular services over the Lent and Easter period, which we hope you’ll join us for. You should be able to see them on our events calendar, but here’s a list of a few highlights:

Ash Wednesday March 1st 6.30pm – Ash Wednesday Service (Ashing and Eucharist)

Sunday March 5th 4.30pm (and every Sunday through 9th April) – Lent Book Discussion Group

Maundy Thursday 13th April 6.30pm – Footwashing Service and Vigil

Good Friday 14th April 6.30pm – Tenebrae Service

Easter Sunday 16th April 6pm – Easter Eucharist and Social


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Tim Dendy speaking about Moot’s Vision


On Sunday 30th October, All Saint’s Day, we shared a Service of the Word liturgy of “Thanksgiving for Moot” – looking back at where we’ve come from as well as ahead to the future. Tim Dendy (Moot veteran and churchwarden) shared his look back at Moot and how we’ve arrived where we are now. We hope you enjoy listening to an abbreviated version of the Moot story!

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‘ A Guest Worthy to be here’: Love Bade me Welcome – Part 2 by Vanessa Elston

In this podcast Vanessa Elston explores the theme of shame,  as the second of five reflections on George Herbert’s poem ‘Love (III)’.  This was recorded at the Lent Course of the Moot Community at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary in the CIty of London.

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I shall give you rest by Matthew Creber


In Moot’s Sunday Evening Eucharist in October 2014, Matthew Creber of the Moot Community explores the theme of reassurance and the scriptural promise ‘I will give you rest’. This was recorded at the home of the Moot Commuity at St Mary Aldermary Church in the City of London. For more info on Moot see

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10th March: Prayer Development Day

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In 2007 the Bishop of London Challenged the Moot Community to seek to become contemplatives to be able to sustain the vision of Moot – to be able to discern a complex God in a complex culture. The place of prayer and contemplation in our lives is therefore important as we seek to discern God. Our Moot Rhythm of Life in its aspirations and spiritual practices has an explicit expectation that we will go deeper in regular committed prayer. As Karl Rahner, a German theologian has said, “Christians of the future will be mystics, or there will be no Christians at all”.

Moot has for sometime been promoting new/old ways to engage with prayer, particularly forms of contemplation. This prayer development day seeks to enable participants to explore and experience different forms and approaches to prayer, to work out what particular approaches resonate with what you seek to include in your spiritual time. Julie Dunstan, a good friend of Moot and a spiritual director trained in forms of ignatian prayer will lead the day. This event is open to all people who are exploring prayer – whether you feel a novice, struggle with it or just want to go deeper.

This event will be held in the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary, the beautiful surroundings of one of the oldest churches in London, right next to Mansion House Tube (Exit 4) and 3 mins away from the Bank Tube, and 5 mins away from Cannon Street Station National Rail station. It will start from 10am and finish at 3/3.30pm. Do please bring a packed lunch. There will also be coffee breaks.

Bio on Julie Dunstan
I have a particular interest in how Christian spirituality can (though often doesn’t!) reach people at depth and foster growth and healing. I want to help people experience God’s presence in personal and authentic ways; to get people out of their heads and into their hearts; into God’s heart. I am a member of All Saints’ Church, West Dulwich, and presently developing an alternative prayer project called All Saints’ Soul Space. I am married with one lovely daughter. I am grateful for God’s grace.

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Dreaming of home

This motto will sound familiar to those who attended Greenbelt last year. Whether I choose to say ‘I’ or ‘we’, the reality is that there is a longing in me and in a few from the community to come to a new home, where God has called us to be. In my case, it will have meant leaving my country, and ultimately, a long-term relationship behind to fulfil that longing to become part of moot, which is now my home. Those anointed above us may think otherwise, but I have come to a point where, as far as I am concerned and for a few others in moot, a community house is now essential to becoming who God is calling them to be.

We are called to be living in and with the people of London, to live pure lives rather than celibate ones, and to submit to community decisions. In my case, the unfailingly recurring recognition by those monastics and spiritual directors who I’ve prayed with to follow such a call compels me to appeal here and now to the rest of the community and to get the ball rolling.

This is not out of the blue and have been boiling in me for months. Subject to Ian’s authority and that of those anointed above us – begging them to hear and attend to this request, I would call for those who share a similar longing to communicate their desire, those who – after reflection – feel that the time is ripe for such a move. I am not here talking of a house with all mooters coming together, but only a few to start with, who have at heart the desire to share a contemplative rhythm of life. To start with a small community, with a few people who need and want to pray together mornings and evenings together as well as to have a daily time for meditation/contemplation.

I pray that this call may resonate with others and that it may be heard as something that is now ripe for action.

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Poll for Christian students in higher education in London

In early 2012, Moot, Christian Aid London Region and SCM are collaborating to support a new Thursday evening gathering in Central London using Moot’s new home at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary.

If you are a Christian student in higher education, then we could do with your support.  We are trying to find a name to call it – can you help?  If yes please help us by completing the poll.

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Serum starts tomorrow

What is Serum? from Greenbelt Festival on Vimeo.

I’ve been digging around, and I’ve managed to find a couple of videos of Serum and the people involved in it. the first one (above) is and interview with Jane and Paul from last year’s Greenbelt. It gives a good sense of how the event works, and hopefully you can see that it’s relaxed, informal, and open to all.

I also shot another video last week. Both of these were filmed at the Greenbelt festival (the first one in 2009) It’s a bit of an odd one, doing Serum at Greenbelt, as the audience at the festival predominantly has some sort of religious background. In the main, there is a shared base of knowledge that means the discussion focusses round the shared knowledge, with a few notable exceptions. Have a look here:

Serum 2 from Michael Radcliffe on Vimeo.

However, this is not typical of Serum – it’s a little bit broader. It’s open to people who don’t necessarily share that broad base of knowledge but are interested in discussing matters of spirituality in whatever form it might take. It’s great to be a “spiritual” person, but it’s even better to see what happens when we share those beliefs and experiences with other people in a non-threatening informal environment.

So do give it a try. It’ll be interesting to see what the discussions throw up. If you’re thinking of coming to Serum, you can find out more details of the when and where here.

And of course, there’s already been two blog posts on Serum for you to find out a bit more. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Music from Moot Greenbelt Services

Many people asked me about some of the tracks that were being played during our three services in the Abide venue at Greenbelt. So here’s a little run through of a few of the tracks that were used and some stuff on the internet on ambient/classical music.

1. Helios- Keith Kenniff aka Helios/Goldmund (he goes by a variety of names) is an incredible Boston based artists. Do check out his website at for some free mixes and tracks. Most of the tracks I played were from the two Helios albums Eingya and Caesura. Eingya has been one of my favourite albums for a long time!

2. Olafur Arnalds- This Icelandic composer is a recent find for me but I’ve been playing his album “and they have escaped the weight of darkness” a lot recently so do have a look at his stuff.

3. Arvo Part- A little more “traditional” but I used his “Fratres” a few times in the service. If you don’t know his music you really should!

4. Stars of the Lid- These guys are very famous in Ambient circles. Most of the tracks I used were from the album “And their Refinement of the Decline”

5.  Ten and Tracer- Another recent find, a lot of their music is free have a look here

6. Max Richter- His albums are all highly recommended!

7. Feedback loop label- This is a great netlabel offering a number of free tracks and if you like them you can buy the full albums. The address is here. Ambienteer is particularly worth a listen.

In terms of places to buy music I’d recommend over Amazon or itunes. They have a great system for downloads and their reviews and comments are very detailed. Also worth having a look at is their 14 tracks series.

And to finish a couple of blogs for ambient music that are a great read are and A Strangely Isolated Place is I assume named after a Ulrich Schnauss album that I’m fairly sure I used. They also run a great series of mixes.

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