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Morning, Midday and Evening Yoga classes… Are you a Lark, an Owl or a Hummingbird?




This week our new yoga schedule started. You can choose now between the morning, evening and midday yoga classes at Moot!

Some of us are up-at-dawn early birds, or “larks”. Welcome to MORNING yoga on MONDAYS from 8 to 8:45 am!

Others are “owls” and enjoy staying up late. The EVENING class on THURSDAYS from 6 to 7:30 pm will be the right one for you then!

The rest of us can be referred to as “Hummingbirds” and are ready for action both early, late, and in between. Hummingbirds, come and try the MIDDAY Yoga class on TUESDAYS from 12:30 to 1:15 pm and have some lunch at the church afterwards 🙂

These classes are an opportunity for you to exercise your body, relax your mind and enjoy a moment of stillness.

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Moot Reflections – Meditation as spiritual practice

In this Reflection Series of the Moot Community Podcast, Aaron Kennedy, Jonny Spoor and Ian Mobsby discuss the place of Christian Meditation as a spiritual practice. In the Moot Community Rhythm of Life is the commitment to the practice of prayer and meditation (daily, rhythmic, individual and in community). So what are the benefits? What does meditation bring? How do you start? And how do you sustain regular meditation? This podcast seeks to engage with these issues, and ends with some advice from one of our teachers, the Benedictine Monk John Main.

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Short Lunch Time Meditation Group

The Moot Meditation Group on Wednesday evenings has now been a great success every week for the last 3 and a bit years. We have sort to expand this important spiritual activity, with a short lunchtime version. We have trialled this on Mondays for the last 5 months, and take-up has not been as much as Wednesday evenings.

If you work or live near to St Mary Aldermary and are interested in our lunchtime meditation sessions, please do help us what works best for you by completing the following survey, click here.  It is very important that we ensure that all our activities are accessible as possible.

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Lunch Meditation

For those who are unable to make our weekly after-work meditation group on Wednesdays we are now offering a weekly short meditation every Monday.

This short drop-in group does not require previous experience of meditation. We will be using the John Main method to support beginners and those who have a developed meditation practice.  Do join us!

For more information please contact Ian Mobsby.