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Home is where the heart is by Ian Mobsby

At the Moot Eucharist on Sunday 21st April 2013, Ian Mobsby explored the theme of Home is where the heart is drawing on Ephesians 1:1 to 14 and The Gospel of Luke 24:36-49. In these biblical texts Ian explores the theme of the resurrection as an event of grace, that opens up the call for our lives as Christians as an event.
Ian then explores how this idea of ‘event’ informs a New Monastic understanding of a Rhythm of Life as an orientation of the heart. In this Service the Moot Community began a period of reflection leading to a planned Recommitment Service on Pentecost Sunday.

To see a copy of the Rhythm of Life reflection document, please click here.

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Internship opportunity with Moot at St Mary Aldermary London from Summer 2013

For the last year we have been incredibly grateful for the input of Christos Bousoulas who has been an Intern with the Moot Community and in particular the Host Cafe from the summer.  Christos will be moving on in the summer, and so an opportunity has arisen for a new internship probably to begin at the beginning of July 2013.   This is an opportunity for someone in or outside of the community to apply for.   See the advert below which is filed in our work and role opportunities section of the website also.

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The Shock and Hope of the Resurrection

At the Moot Eucharist on Easter Sunday, Ian Mobsby explores the importance of the two resurrection stoties in the Gospel of Luke.  These are important stories, one beginning with the womens experience of the empty tomb and the mystery of Christ’s appearing on the road to Emmaus.  Both stories are vital as we explore and seek to be Christians inspired by the resurrection on the 21st century.

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Holy Week and Easter 2013

This year the Moot Community at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary are building on our Lenten activities as we move into Holy Week, when the church remembers the story of Jesus in the run up to the crucifixion and the life, death and resurrection story of God.  We will sustain our usual prayer pattern of Morning Prayer 9.45am to 10.10am Monday to Thursday, and Evening Prayer 5.30pm to 6pm  Monday to Wednesday inclusive.

** ACTION MOOTERS ** For the Maundy Thursday Service we need people to take up the 30mins slots from 9pm to 11pm click here to add to the rota **

Sunday 24th March – Palm Sunday Taize Service, 6.30pm 

In this service we will reflect through sung chant on the triumphal entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem.

25th March – Monday of Holy Week

1.05pm, We will celebrate a Book of Common Prayer Eucharist, reflecting the lectionary readings of Monday of Holy Week.

27th March – Wednesday of Holy Week, Meditation Group 6.30pm

This is an opportunity to be silent for 20 minutes to reflect on the significance of the times.

28th March – Maundy Thursday Services, 7.30pm 

Contemplative Eucharist 1.05pm
This creative interpretation of Holy Communion gives room for Lectio Divina, an ancient form of shared prayer and reflection of a sacred text.  This service deliberately aims to use contemporary language integrated with prayer and silence for those who have busy working lives in the City.  The service involves the symbolism of eating and drinking, reflecting our thirst and hunger for the spiritual path and for God. Holy Communion is an ancient service stretching right back to Jewish table rituals.

Maundy Thursday Eucharist and stripping of the altars, 7.30pm 
On Maundy Thursday the Church remembers how Jesus showed deep love and humility by washing his disciples’ feet. This service will reflect the emotion of that day, and will involve sharing a meal, washing each other’s feet, and remembering Christ’s betrayal for 50 silver pieces. This will be followed by a prayer vigil.

The Maundy Thursday Service is followed by a prayer vigil which is a symbolic expression of solidarity with Jesus as he awaits his arrest in the Garden Gethsemane, as the disciples lie asleep leaving him in isolation and great distress.

30th March – Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Service 6pm, St Pauls Cathedral

This year at least 2 mooters will be baptised or confirmed at the great celebration of the Easter Vigil.  This begins with candles and lights lighting the paschal candle.  Come early if you want a seat!

31st March – Easter Sunday 11am, St Mary Aldermary Church  

This will be our Moot at St Mary Aldermary Easter Service celebration marking the end of Holy Week and the beginning of Easter.  This will be followed by a picnic, details of which will be confirmed nearer the time.

The Church will then be closed until the morning of Tuesday 2nd April.

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Moot Annual Parochial Council Sun 24th March 3.30pm

This Sunday 24th March at 3.30pm we have our annual church meeting to review progress over the last year, the challenge of the year ahead, and an opportunity to ask questions and to share your thoughts.  It is crucial that we have as many mooters and moot supporters as possible attending this meeting, so please do come.     You will hear reports from Ian the Priest Missioner, from Paul and Peter the Wardens, from Vanessa and Aaron regarding the Host Cafe, from Martin the Treasurer.  There will be elections for a number of roles in our governance system, and then an important opportunity to express and explore your thoughts on how we are seeking to progress in the year ahead.

So please do come, doors will be open from 3pm so you can arrive early if you want !  So see you all on Sunday….

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Day Conference: Honouring the theology of the land

How do we as Christians respond to the challenges of our economic situation?  What does it mean to have a biblical understanding of the economic and social issues that face us?  This is the challenge our our current economic recession where there is much discussion about economic wellbeing and the importance of social and economic justice.  This day conference, the first in a series, explores a theology of the land and the importance of the biblical theme of covenant.

In this first of three interrogations we will explore the terms of the economic covenant with God that would create the Good life on Earth.  We remember that the Judeo-Christian covenant gave rise to the three Abrahamic religions.  The speakers will explore the relevance of a theology of covenant in today’s contemporary economic and spiritual context.

Planned speakers include Alastar McIntosh (Author of ‘Soil and Soul’), Canon Peter Challen (Christian Council for Monetary Justice) and Fred Harrison (Author of the Traumatised Society).

This event is being held as partnership between the Moot Community at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary, the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and the Land Research Trust.

The aim of the day conferences is to inspire and enable participants to understand and affirm the need for united action concerning social, economic justice and structural change.

To book places and for more information, please click here.

There is a series of three, one day conferences and gatherings.

Honouring the Theology of the Land

1. April 6th – God & the Good Life: The Audit at The Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary

2. May 4th – Great Awakenings: The Application at Christ Church North Southwark

3. June 1st – Holy Land: The Affirmation  at St James Piccadily