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Thanks for your support at Greenbelt 2011

Thanks to all you Greenbelters who supported our three services at the Abide venue. We are pleased we were able to facilitate worship for the over 600 people who attended. It was good to see that Katherine Venn was selected as one of the festival highlights in the literature section, and that the panel on new-monasticism, which included Ian Mobsby, attracted over 700 people to queue for the event which only had a 200 person capacity.

Clare Catford’s talk and panel were both received well; Richard Trouncer’s round-the-fire storytelling was a hit; and Mike Radcliffe’s input to the arts programme went well. Vanessa Elston helped run a series of Serum events at Greenbelt too, which also went well.

So all in all 2011 was a great year for Moot at Greenbelt. To see pictures of Moot events from the festival see our flickr group here, and please add some if you have more and are member of the group. Also, join our Facebook group.

Our autumn programme will commence with a Compline Service on Sunday 4th September. To see our events please click here

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Moot at Greenbelt 2011

Very pleased that participants in the community are contributing quite a lot to this years festival that includes:

Moot Contemplative Worship at ABIDE
Sat 1pm, Dreaming together with the help of God
Sun 5pm, Dreaming generously with the help of God
Mon 11am, Dreaming for justice with the help of God

Serum Spirituality discussion at JESUS ARMS
Sat 12.30pm, Bigotry
Sun 12.30pm, Divinity
Mon 12.30pm, Belief

Sat 3.30pm GALILEE, Ian Mobsby, Panel Discussion
New Monasticism: is it all hype or refriaring the church?

Sat 3.30pm 6.30pm KITCHEN, Clare Catford, Panel Discussion
Off with the heads – discussion on monarchy and social mobility

Sat 10pm: SOUL SPACE, Ian Mobsby, Contemplative reflection
Contemplative Home-Coming

Sun 2pm-3pm, JESUS ARMS, Meet the Mooters for a drink
Join us to chat about what we are doing, particularly if you are looking for a Christian spiritual community in London.

Mon 3.30pm, JERICHO, Clare Catford, Talk
Forgiveness, the forgotten gift.

Mon 7pm, THE HUB, Katherine Venn, Literature
As you set out for Ithaka, hope the voyage is a long one.

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Dreaming of Home – Inspirational homelessness

Whenever I walk by a homeless person, my heart aches. Their misery makes me angry and sad. They remind me of my own selfishness but also of my own fragility: I know all too well how I could have ended up on the streets several times in the past 27 years – but somehow I didn’t. I am thankful to and for those who were around me during tough times. Others have not been so lucky to have had friends and family to help them.

In a city where egoism, consumption and narcissism are all too often the very fabric of social relations, there is little room left for the weakest and lowest. Income is certainly a prime factor in predicting people’s suffering in this city. Yet economic poverty is not the most terrifying aspect of London’s ruthlessness and injustice. The ongoing weakening and perverting of the city’s social fabric as well recent cuts in state assistance to the poorest have been met with some resistance. But it has also provoked another kind response by the silent majority: a stiffening of an already acute condition where people fight even harder for their survival often harming their neighbour. Why should they now be more generous to others when they are themselves starting to feel the pain?

As Christians though, can we respond in a similar fashion or are we called to show love and generosity in the face of increasing ingratitude? As we consider our contribution and our response to economic and social (in)justice as part of our Rhythm Of Life and as we ponder the meaning of justice and generosity in the context of Greenbelt’s 2011 theme “Dreaming of Home”, can we be inspired by the homeless and what God is telling us through them?

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Beyond the Surface of the Now

Moot at Greenbelt 2010.

This talk from Moot’s Ian Mobsby is the first of seven events involving mooters over the weekend at this years Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham.

Venue: Gallilee (Talks 4 venue)
Time: Fri 27th 6pm

Click here for a full listing of Moot events at Greenbelt 2010.

In 2010, many parts of the western world inhabit a post-secular culture of the spiritual seeker. People are on a journey desiring depth and meaning, but where many still depend on consumptive gratification, debt and addiction to define the self. However, there are other more ancient paths of wisdom that enable people to become more human.  This talk explores the place of the contemplative tradition, activism and praxis as rediscovered by New Monastics, to inform a more just and deep way of living and loving in extended community.