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New Year’s Moot Update


Happy New Year from all of us at Moot!

Wishing you all a bright January 1st morning, a restful end to holidays, and a peaceful start to the year ahead.



As we look to the year ahead and consider our road ahead and the changes we’re looking for, we wanted to update you on our direction as a community together. We’ve spent the last couple of years catching our breath from a years-long journey, particularly making a home at St Mary Aldermary, watching the Host Cafe come alive, and welcome Paul Kennedy our new priest.

This past November the community took a weekend to go away and take stock of who we are, what we are, and where we want to go together. I’d like to share a report from that weekend from Paul our priest (below).

Once again wishing you God’s peace, hope, and energy as we enter 2018 together – from all of us at Moot.

“On the weekend of the 3-5 November 20 people from the Moot Community travelled to the Youth Hostel at Littlehampton for fellowship, relaxation and an exploration of Moot’s calling. Littlehampton was a wonderful site: with the long beach; the tidal Arun river; and the huge open skies which we Londoners really appreciated.

Together we ate, we prayed, we talked, we drank, we walked, we played board games, and we explored God’s calling. We decide to redraw a simple Rhythm of Life to which Moot members can choose to commit; we reaffirmed our practices of contemplative and inherited prayer; we reflected upon how a distinctive community maintains an open welcome; we reaffirmed our New Monastic roots but accepted that we may be evolving in a less structured and more contemplative way; we planned a walk in the Chilterns; and we started plans for our next annual weekend away. The company was wonderful, the food was great, the Youth Hostel was cosy, the weekend felt blessed and I’m already looking forward to next year’s time away.

A draft of the Rhythm of Life should be ready for Lent, following a series of Community Forums, with a service at the end of September at which we hope Archdeacon Rosemary will preside.”

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The Faith of Jesus – Anxiety and Being Loved

Rev’d Paul Kennedy speaks about the Faith of Jesus, touching on justification by faith; anxiety; and faith IN God’s love for us.


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All Shall Be Well – Reflections on Julian of Norwich

All Shall Be Well – please enjoy this reflection from our Moot service by our new Priest in Charge the Revd Paul Kennedy, speaking about Julian of Norwich.

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Lent & Easter at Moot

There will be a number of particular services over the Lent and Easter period, which we hope you’ll join us for. You should be able to see them on our events calendar, but here’s a list of a few highlights:

Ash Wednesday March 1st 6.30pm – Ash Wednesday Service (Ashing and Eucharist)

Sunday March 5th 4.30pm (and every Sunday through 9th April) – Lent Book Discussion Group

Maundy Thursday 13th April 6.30pm – Footwashing Service and Vigil

Good Friday 14th April 6.30pm – Tenebrae Service

Easter Sunday 16th April 6pm – Easter Eucharist and Social


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Tim Dendy speaking about Moot’s Vision


On Sunday 30th October, All Saint’s Day, we shared a Service of the Word liturgy of “Thanksgiving for Moot” – looking back at where we’ve come from as well as ahead to the future. Tim Dendy (Moot veteran and churchwarden) shared his look back at Moot and how we’ve arrived where we are now. We hope you enjoy listening to an abbreviated version of the Moot story!

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Open House London at SMA

Yesterday Moot took part in the annual Open House London event, opening up St Mary Aldermary for the whole Saturday as well as the Host Cafe. Based on the huge number of historical fliers we handed out and the great success of the cafe, we estimate around 500 people came through the church building – a great success!

Here are a couple of photos from the day.




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Moot seeks Administration Consultant

Our current Administration Consultant, Regine Nagel, has decided to give up her role with us and use her time voluntarily in Host.

We therefore have a gap in the Core Team that we need to fill. Please see the advert below, and if interested email for more information.

If you are interested in this or other opportunities at the Moot Community, please see the ‘positions vacant and recruitment’ element of the Community section of this website.

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Advent 2011

From this Sunday 27th November from 6.30pm, we start our Advent time of art and spiritual reflection.  There will be a booklet at the suggested donation of £3 available to help get the benefit of engaging with advent as a spiritual season.  Some information is available through the website section called Advent 2011. This includes content for personal weekly devotional reflection and for mini moots.  Click here and look at the subsections on the left side menu.

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New Monasticism as fresh expression of the church Part 1 of 3

In this the first of 3 podcasts recorded on the 1st Febrary 2011 at the London Centre for Spirituality for the launch of the new book New Monasticism as fresh expressions of the church (Second book in the Ancient Faith Future Mission Series), a panel of practitioners and missioners discuss the importance of New Monasticism. In this first podcast we hear from Bishop Graham Cray, the Archbishops Missioner and Leader for Fresh Expressions, Andy Freeman of the 24-7 Prayer Network and Reconcile New Monastic Community in Reading, Tessa Holland of the Contemplative Fire Community, Aaron Kennedy of the Moot Community and Diane Kershaw of the Order of Mission.

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Moot is moving to the Church of St Mary Aldermary in the City of London, our new home

From the 8th of January 2011, Moot will be moving the community office from the Spirituality Centre on Lombard Street, and its Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday activities from the Church of St Mary Woolnoth, to the Church of St Mary Aldermary, Watling Street, City of London, EC4M 9BW.  St Mary Aldermary will be Moot’s new home.

From historical sources, the Church of St Mary Aldermary (Old Mary) is the oldest of the church buildings attributed to St Mary in the City of London.  It is likely that it was founded by Benedictine Monks from the Priory of Christchurch Canterbury, who previously held what is called ‘the gift of the Living’ regarding the appointment of Priests.  Detailed records about these early times are now lost, with the first recorded Rector named as Ernest de Berket in 1233. More recently as a Guild Church, St Mary Aldermary has had responsibilities for furthering Christian Spirituality and the vocations to the religious life.

So we the New Monastic Community of Moot, are bringing a fresh expression of Monasticism to this foundation, contributing to this ongoing tradition which has continued for over 900 years.

For more information on the Church, its history, current services and activities please see here.

We will be holding a Compline Service on Sunday 2nd January 2011 as the last Moot Worship Service in St Mary Woolnoth at 6.30pm.
The Last Stressed In the City Meditation Group will be on Weds 5th January 2011 again at 6.30pm in St Mary Woolnoth. This will be followed at 7.30pm by the last of the Enneagram workshops led by Dave Tomlinson, the third and final session.

So we hope to move the Moot Office and some of our equipment on the 8th January 2011, with services beginning on Sunday the 9th January 2011.  The Moot Eucharist Service will occur at 6.30pm. We are still awaiting information about access to the church to work out if we can proceed with the former Moot Morning Service which will shift back to its old time of 3pm, but this is still needing to be confirmed because an Asian Syrian Orthodox Church use the Church building Sunday mornings and early afternoons.

The first Moot Meditation Group will begin in St Mary Aldermary on Weds 12th January 2011 at 6.30pm.
Serum will move from the Crosse Keys Pub to the Ye Olde Watling Pub right next to the Church on Weds 12th of January 2011 at 7.30pm.

The Church currently has two lunch time Eucharist Services on Mondays (1662 Book of Common Prayer) and Thursdays (Common Worship) at 1.10pm, and we are exploring the possibility of starting up Contemplative Morning and Evening Prayer, which will be open to the public we hope from the first week in February 2011.

So this is all very exciting!!  There will be a special service to celebrate this new beginning, with the Archdeacon of London as the new Guild Church Vicar, myself as the new Mission Priest, and the Moot Community recommitting to its Rhythm of Life in its new home before the Bishop of London. This is likely to happen in the Spiring 2011.

So if you are in the Moot Community, we really need your participation in sustaining our worship, mission and community activities in the next stage of our life, and if you are outside Moot, please pray for us as we seek to develop the next stage of the community’s vision.

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