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The resurrection of Jesus through the experience of Mary Magdalene

In this podcast of the Easter Sunday Service 2012, Vanessa Elston explores the resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. She was one of the first witnesses, and through her experience we hear the shock of the realisation of what has happened.

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Easter Sunday: Resurrection

On Easter Sunday Christians celebrate the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus. It is an event that can never be understood with the rational mind, as it comes from the realm of experience and transrationalism. It is a matter of faith. Faith that Apostles would never all have gone to their deaths over a lie, faith that Christianity birthed as a jewish sect became a world faith, faith that many many people since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have experienced this story to be true, experience leading to understanding. As a paradox the resurrection will never be understood. Only through experience of God can this be perceived.  Christ is Risen, he is risen indeed!!  Hallelujah..

Easter. The grave clothes of winter
are still here, but the sepulchre
is empty. A messenger
from the tomb tells us
how a stone has been rolled
from the mind, and a tree lightens
the darkness with its blossom.
There are travellers upon the road
who have heard music blown
from a bare bough, and a child
tells us how the accident
of last year, a machine stranded
beside the way for lack
of petrol, is crowned with flowers.

R S Thomas

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Stations of the Cross and Resurrection

For the whole 50 days of Easter, the stations of the cross and resurrection are available for people to encounter and use as a form of spiritual devotion.  I have now been round a couple of times using the book that I and David Harris put together.  The first time I went around, I didn’t give it enough time, so it had very little effect on me.  But the second time, when I had time to slow down, look at the details of the paintings and to take some silence at each station, I was profoundly moved.

The difficulty of Holy Week and Easter in its annual cycle, is that it becomes familiar, and that we can remain at the surface of ourselves and the meaning of these seasons, so that then we receive very little from it.  However this years focus on personal transformation, has helped me not to sit back, but to emotionally open up and make myself vulnerable and open to spiritual experience through the art.  I have therefore really benefited from an intimate encounter with God through the services, the vigil and now through the stations of the cross.  For the season of Easter, I am intending to return at least once a week to the stations as an aid to my spiritual life.

Try it, it may help you.  The stations remain in St the Church of St Mary Aldermary for sometime until the end of the season of Easter.  We will be recording an interview with Adam Boulter the artist shortly.

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Easter Sunday: Resurrection, Christ and Hope

At the Moot Community Easter Sunday Service, Aaron Kennedy explores the shock, beauty and paradox of the resurrection, and what it means for Christians in 21st Century at different stages in the spiritual journey of faith. This is followed by the Easter Peace and a hymn. Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

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Christos Anesti – Christ is Risen !

So today the Christian Church Universal celebrates the shock that Jesus CHrist rose from the dead. This was not anticipated or expected. It shockingly brought to focus that might and violence would not have the final word, but instead, the love of God will overpower all things that distorts. Christ is Risen! If you are around, we have a service today at St Mary Aldermary where we will also put out the last station of the cross, The Resurrection.

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Podcast: Fear, Hope and Shalom

In this weeks podcast, Ian Mobsby explores the theme of Christ’s Resurrection in John 20:19-31 alongside the calling for hope and risk-taking to replace fear. Shalom, the Jewish theologial understanding of God’s outworking of love in and to the world, becomes the Kingdom of God, and the disciples are challenged to live out this love in the Kingdom, through the peace of God’s Shalom in openness to the world. This is our challenge as emerging and fresh expressions of church, to catch up with what God is already doing. To listen to the podcast click the link below.

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Podcast: Easter Day 2010

As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection for this Easter Sunday, we share a short reflection from our Moot Little Service led by Ian Mobsby.

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Easter Sunday

If not for Easter,
the chaos of this world
would be all there is
and all there ever would be.
If not for Easter,
the unfairness of life
would drive us to despair.
But God sent the Redeemer
to bring eternal hope
filled with peace, happiness
and unimaginable blessings
to those who follow Him.

Happy, Happy Easter!

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Holy Saturday – Tridium

On this day we remember the loss of Jesus. The day following Good Friday is Holy Saturday. This is usually called Easter Eve in Anglican churches, and is held as a traditional time for baptism services.Presently, this day is primarily a Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, as well as Anglican observance. Roman Catholic churches observe this with the blessing and lighting of a tall Paschal candle. The candle is placed on the altar on the Holy Saturday. While blessing, five grains of incense are fixed in it, representing the five wounds of Jesus and the burial spices with which his body was anointed. This day comes at the end of forty days which mark the period through which Christ showed up himself of and on following the crucifixion. On Ascension Day Christ is believed to have ascended to the heaven.

On this day the Moot Community recommits to its Rhythm of Life in the presence of the Bishop of London in St Paul’s Cathedral.

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Tuesday of Holy Week – Jesus rebukes the Pharisees and Saducees

The Tuesday of the Holy Week is the day when the famous incident between Jesus and Pharisees is remembered. This was when the priests of the Saducees and Pharisees tried to trap Jesus into making a blasphemous, or, anti-god remark.

This day is important also remembered for when Jesus predicted to his disciples, at the Mount of Olives about the destruction of Jerusalem and the signs of the ending of the time of the Church at the Consumation.

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