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Happy Christmas

As we celebrate with a sense of awe, the God who comes to us in human form. God-Human Redeemer that comes to us in the power of God the Sustainer in the name of God the Creator.

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12 Days of Christmas

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Happy Christ Mass

Greetings of the season to all you Mootites and friends of the Moot community. Not that it sounds like we are a very healthy lot!! Thoughts and prayers to those with the flu, chest infections, sleeplessness due to new births, and poor Jonathan B who has Chicken pox from his kids. Hopefully this slowdown time might be a welcome space for some convalesence as a spiritual time…. see you all in 2005…..Space 1999 seems so far away now!! Ian

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Poetry at Christmas with R.S. Thomas

There is a morning;

Time brings it near.

Brittle with frost

And starlight. The owls sing

In the parishes. The people rise

And walk to the churches’

Stone lanterns, there to kneel

And eat the new bread

Of love, washing to down

With the sharp taste

of blood they will shed.


The moon is born

and a child is born

lying among white clothes

as the moon among clouds.

They both shine, but

the light from the one

is abroad in the universe

as among broken glass.

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Xmas Services at SMW

If you are into the traditional thang, then please do come to the SMW services, the home of Moot.

Christmas Eve Fri 24th 11.30pm Midnight Mass

Christmas Day Sat 25th 11.00am Christmas Day Service

So may be see you then, for info on moot’s service that start up on the 2nd weekend of January – see here which will be updated shortly.

Happy feast of the Incarnation

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