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Holy Week at Moot

If you have been joining or would like to join us for the remainder of Lent here’s a list of services we’re holding up until Easter Day.

You can find more details by clicking on the links in the list below.

Thursday 22nd March | 6.30pm
Lent Course #4 – our final week, focusing on Centering Prayer

Wednesday 28th March | 8am
Morning Sung Taize

Thursday 29th March | 6.30pm
Maundy Thursday Agape & Footwashing followed by Silent Vigil

Friday 30th March | 8am
Morning Sung Taize

Friday 30th March | Noon
Commemoration of the Cross (at St Vedast-Alias-Foster Church)

Sunday 1st April | 6pm
Easter Sunday Eucharist


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Lent Course 1 – The Examen

In the first meeting of our Lent course we heard about the retreat into the desert and the practice of self-examination through the prayer practice of the Examen. Listen here to our first session.

We concluded the evening by sharing in the Examen prayer – you can hear this prayer being led here.

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Welcome to the wilderness – Lent sermon

Share with us this sermon by our priest Paul Kennedy, bringing us into Lent together, exploring the wilderness we enter into in this Sunday evening sermon.

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Join us in the desert at Moot this Lent

For our Lent course at Moot this year we will explore prayer, stillness and the wisdom of the desert. We’ll meet Thursday evenings at 6pm (for tea/coffee) for a start-time of 6.30pm, following a pattern of: Talk – Discussion – Practice, focusing on a different particular prayer practice each week. We hope you will join us this season!

We will meet 4 Thursdays:

February 22nd
The Examen – praying with our emotions.

March 1st
The Lectio Divina – praying with the scriptures.

March 15th
Ignatian Meditation – praying with the imagination.

March 22nd
Centering Prayer – finding stillness in our daily lives

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New Year’s Moot Update


Happy New Year from all of us at Moot!

Wishing you all a bright January 1st morning, a restful end to holidays, and a peaceful start to the year ahead.



As we look to the year ahead and consider our road ahead and the changes we’re looking for, we wanted to update you on our direction as a community together. We’ve spent the last couple of years catching our breath from a years-long journey, particularly making a home at St Mary Aldermary, watching the Host Cafe come alive, and welcome Paul Kennedy our new priest.

This past November the community took a weekend to go away and take stock of who we are, what we are, and where we want to go together. I’d like to share a report from that weekend from Paul our priest (below).

Once again wishing you God’s peace, hope, and energy as we enter 2018 together – from all of us at Moot.

“On the weekend of the 3-5 November 20 people from the Moot Community travelled to the Youth Hostel at Littlehampton for fellowship, relaxation and an exploration of Moot’s calling. Littlehampton was a wonderful site: with the long beach; the tidal Arun river; and the huge open skies which we Londoners really appreciated.

Together we ate, we prayed, we talked, we drank, we walked, we played board games, and we explored God’s calling. We decide to redraw a simple Rhythm of Life to which Moot members can choose to commit; we reaffirmed our practices of contemplative and inherited prayer; we reflected upon how a distinctive community maintains an open welcome; we reaffirmed our New Monastic roots but accepted that we may be evolving in a less structured and more contemplative way; we planned a walk in the Chilterns; and we started plans for our next annual weekend away. The company was wonderful, the food was great, the Youth Hostel was cosy, the weekend felt blessed and I’m already looking forward to next year’s time away.

A draft of the Rhythm of Life should be ready for Lent, following a series of Community Forums, with a service at the end of September at which we hope Archdeacon Rosemary will preside.”

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All Shall Be Well – Reflections on Julian of Norwich

All Shall Be Well – please enjoy this reflection from our Moot service by our new Priest in Charge the Revd Paul Kennedy, speaking about Julian of Norwich.

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Tim Dendy speaking about Moot’s Vision


On Sunday 30th October, All Saint’s Day, we shared a Service of the Word liturgy of “Thanksgiving for Moot” – looking back at where we’ve come from as well as ahead to the future. Tim Dendy (Moot veteran and churchwarden) shared his look back at Moot and how we’ve arrived where we are now. We hope you enjoy listening to an abbreviated version of the Moot story!

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Following Jesus in the reality of our world by Michael L Radcliffe

This Moot podcast includes a homily and then space to respond with a time of music. In this podcast Michael Radcliffe explores the theme of following Jesus in the complexity of our contemporary world. Drawing on the lectionary readings of Ephesians 1.3-14 and Mark 6.14-29, Mike explores how our baggage becomes a barrier to experiencing God and in particular Jesus which requires us to reach beyond are self-obsessions and self-preoccupations.

Michael L Radcliffe is one of the founding participants of the Moot Community, an artist who also works as a plumber. To see some of Michael’s art please see This podcast was recorded in the Eucharist Service on the 15th July 2012 at the home of the Moot Community at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary. Music was performed by Peter Thomas and Ciara Lowther.

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Reflections on the spiritual existentialism of Kierkegaard

For those who know me, I started my journey into Christian spirituality as a complete atheist who distrusted the church. Amongst the many great teachers that helped me to gain an understanding and language for faith, was the nineteenth century writer, Soren Kierkegaard.  He was very much a man ahead of his time, a committed contemplative Christian, highly influenced by the thinking of Socrates, and was passionate about a mystical and God-led form of the faith and Church.  If he was around now, I hope that he would feel quite at home in our little Moot Community. So why am I so encouraged by this guy?

Well firstly, Kieregaard really struggled with the Church as he experienced it in Denmark.  For him there was far too much certainty and the language of ‘arriving’.  For him Christianity had become too rational, too certain, almost like sitting back and not really living it.  For Kierkegaard (and like the contemplatives, monastics, mendicants and mystics) you never arrive.  In fact, he was very  critical of forms of Christianity that were too intellectual, too wordy, where people didn’t live it.  For him, Christianity is never about arriving, about not being certain, and about faith being an ongoing process as we seek to grow in our becoming.  So rather than ‘being’ and the language of certainty, Kierkegaard is all about seeking, of transformation and ‘becoming’.  For him dialogue was key, to open up what the Holy Spirit was seeking to reveal rather than dualistic debate about who is right and wrong.  For Kierkegaard discipleship is about seeking, seeking God and revelation in the ordinary, getting beyond our self-deception and the ills of the false-self and the ego, to reach beyond the limitations of our own thinking and feeling (sound familiar?).

I really like this emphasis on not taking ourselves too seriously, and this call to humility and the discipline of really listening in prayer to the divine.  I love his idea of God’s love unsettling us to find our true selves.  I think many of us are not very happy at the moment.  Many of us are feeling cornered and having to face up to parts of our personality we don’t like very much. Well if Kierkegaard was listening to this, he would argue that this is the Christian path of the open-endness of God, that demands a response.  For him, all our thinking and explorations are utterly subjective and will never be objective.  For him objectivity is a distorter – a deadly sin, something that takes the life out of us and takes us away from God.

Just by accident, I came across a BBC Radio 4 Podcast on Kierkegaard the other day, which unpacks all of these themes far more eloquently than I can.  So to listen to this click  here, and scroll down to number 18.  You won’t regret it.  I have suddenly realised, that a lot of the themes I explored in my book ‘God Unknown’ are inspired by this particular approach to Christianity.  It is interesting how Rohr, Brueggemann, Moltmann and others of my teachers resonate with the writings of Kieregaard.  What a hero!

The beautiful gift of his writing, is that the Christian spiritual path is open to anyone who is willing to listen and seek God, and realise that we can in ourselves be very blind and deaf to where the Spirit seeks to draw us.  However, if we are able to face our false deceptions, let go of our need to be in control or right/certain, then we can reach beyond and encounter a God who never stands still.

So what is the challenge for Moot?  I still think that we are massively over-rational even though we have focused on the contemplative.  Many of us have relied on being bright or intelligent to get through difficult times in life.  This then is like a coping strategy.  It then becomes a great danger that we hold too tightly to this.  This was demonstrated to me hugely when we did the Lectio Divina training the other day – we completely got stuck at the interpretation stage and ended up in a huge hermeneutical debate rather than anything to do with prayer and God speaking subjectively.  It is this subjectivity we need to hold onto, to not take our selves sooo seriously.  Letting go to listen to God, to quite literally get out of the way of God!!

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Want to join a Mini-Moot? On a Tuesday Evening or Saturday brunch?

Mini Moots are a vital part of our life in Moot as a new-monastic community.  Moot is very much a network church, with people spread out all over London and beyond.  Our time together then is very scarce, and mini-moots are an opportunity to meet with around 6 to 8 mooters for food, support, study, prayer and some form of spiritual practice coming from our shared rhythm of life.

A new mini moot is about to start on Saturday brunch times, which is seeking new participants whose work life and other commitments make tuesday attendance very difficult.  This starts on 14 January at 11:00. Nic will be emailing those attending the saturday mini-moot shortly.  If you are interested please get in touch with Ian or Nic, as this will be starting up soon.  Please note that we are expecting people to be committed to turning up to these groups regularly once you start, and that you shouldn’t belong to more than one mini-moot. This new mini-moot will move around areas of central London.

Most other mini-moots meet up on Tuesday evenings timed to fit in with our usual moot programme of events and services, these are currently situated at  Mansion House EC4M, Borough SE1, Tooting/Streatham SW16/17, Forest Hill SE23.  With the new London overground services, these various mini-moots are accessible for those living in East, West and North London.

So if you are interested in joining a mini-moot, please do get in contact .  To be able to join a mini-moot, we do expect people to have become participants in the community demonstrated by joining our electoral roll and attending some of our weekly events on a regular basis. Do speak to me Ian Mobsby if you are wanting to do this.

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