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Ian in Vancouver

Thanks to all who participated in the day we did today on the “becoming of G-d”. I am very glad that so many people found it so helpful, and that what we covered with continue in dialogue in the Anglican Diocese and beyond regarding “Emerging Church”.

As we discussed, St Martins will be stocking copies of my books, particularly the second. Copies are now available for $20 CAN so if interested, please do contact Jeremy at St Martins Church, North Vancouver BC. He is happy to send copies to interested people in Canada & North America. Click here to send Jeremy an email to request a copy.

So thanks Vancouver, it has been a joy to explore Trinitarian mysticism and exploring new ways of being church with you.

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So Long San Francisco

Well, my time in San Francisco is now coming to an end. I do love this Diocese and Cathedral. It has been a real privilege to be here. However, it has also been quite quirky. After the Sunday morning Eucharist, there was some English Morris Dancing in San Francisco? Very strange. Nothing like a pagan fertility dance with your English breakfast tea! I also went for dinner with Will, Matt and the Bishop to a Moroccan tent where there was belly dancing. This is a really great international city.

I have made good friends here, including a guy called Eric, who I went to see a film with as part of an Arts Festival to see an Italian Film. So my time here has been richly spiritual artistically and relationally. As last time, I am going to find it difficult to leave today. I gave a homily at the evening Eucharist at Grace Cathedral, to listen to the podcast, click hereI have taken quite a few photos, if interested click here

This afternoon I go to Vancouver and back into Canada, where I meet up with Mark McCleary and prepare for a days talking on Saturday, and then on Sunday get the coach to Seattle, and my final city before heading back. I am looking forward to seeing Gareth Powell who is on placement in Seattle, before the inevitable long flight back home after doing a final training day for the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

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Having Fun in San Francisco

Well I have had a few days to recover from over speaking, and have loved catching up with old friends that include Bishop Marc and my friends Will and Matt. I am staying in a great flat in the Grace Cathedral complex. I went to see an Italian film tonight in the world famous Castro cinema which has an organist that goes up and down on a podium to applause. Making new friends, went out with a Lutheran Lay Minister called Eric. Much Fun!

But, back to work tomorow working Sat, Sun and Mon for the Diocese of California, so hopefully we sell all the books.

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Read all about it – The Becoming of G-d

Just in case anyone has forgotten, Ian’s book (the one he’s talking about in the USA) is on sale in the UK too! You can now get it through YTC Press, Amazon UK, Amazon World, Episcopal book shop New York and at places on the tour if you are in the US or Canada

When you’ve read it, do click through to Amazon (there’s a link from here, just on the right-hand side) and post a review. It’s well worth it.

Of course, there’s lots to debate – you’d expect that from any book by Ian. I hope we’ll get a chance to grill him on it one of these days – perhaps a moot open “ask the author” evening when he’s back (and recovered from his US travels) would be fun. Meanwhile, having the book to read is a decent second-best to having Ian around to talk with.
Enjoy it while stocks last …

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Delightful Chicago

Pleased to say I have escaped the worst hotel I have stayed in at the bottom of a runway with a lot of activity coming through the wall from next door. There is only so much “Yes baby, come on baby, Yes baby” you can take at such a screeching pitch! No, I have re-entered civilisation here in a new city.

Another first, never been to Chicago before, and loving it. I am doing a couple of speaking gigs here for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, and staying with the Bishop and family through the connection of Katherine Lee known to some Mooters who I know through the Trasnmission Group in New York.

I love this city, people are friendly and the place has a great art nouveux feel. The condo I am staying in is absolutely beautiful and right by the Lakes. I could so work here!! This morning I was interviewed on a Radio Show about my book, which was fun. It is great having an English accent here – they love it! So I am milking at as far as I can. So I am going to drift round Chicago today, and then speak this evening and tomorrow culminating with leading an Alt Worship Service in the Cathedral which I am doing jointly with Isaac Everett from Transmission, New York. So should be fun. The Bishop is a fantastic guy. He has spent a lot of time in Seattle and has supported Karen Ward and the development of our Sister Group COTA for sometime. If only all Bishops were like Bishop Lee!! I do find it really refreshing that there are a number of significant Bishops in ECUSA who get the whole Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church agenda, particularly about contextual forms of mission. The other thing about this city, the people are beautiful!! So feeling a bit pashed up – and feeling a bit of a Neanderthal amongst such beauty! I promise to be good!!

And before I go, by a strange set of coincidences, I keep meeting people who know people in Moot. Clare C – apparently Nick Brotherwood and his wife new you well in Nottingham, they are now doing Emerge in Montreal, Jonathan Mosedale, you have a lady admirer from a while back in Buffalo, Aaron has obvious connections with the Lees in Chicago, and I bumped into my first ever girlfriend in New York…. So I am prepared now for this to go on….. Oh and Yes, I have just met one of my neighbours in Osprey Heights in Starkbucks in Chicago, and someone else in Jamestown who used to live in the flat next door….. its getting a bit eerie.

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Resting in Buffalo

Well I have now flown to the beautiful part of upper New York State to Buffalo and Jamestown. I had a great time in Jamestown, again encouraging people to experiment with Christian spirituality and Trinitarian Ecclesiology. Jamestown is famous as the place where Lucille Ball lived and died. This time I have been talking with Presbyterians about setting up emerging forms of church. Tara Eastman in particular, is doing some great work over here.

Jamestown is a sleepy town facing big changes as things shift from modernity to post modernity driven by the powers of consumption and information technology. Reading Barry Taylor’s book has got me exciting. In it he talks of the experience of Ezekiel who God challenged to let go of control by stepping into the current of the river, outside of standing depth. Giving in to be led by the Holy Spirit. It has challenged me to think about whether we/I are happy about being driven by a God of uncertainty, of mystery, and all sorts of things we do not know. But, with the expectation that we will be becoming increasingly human becomings as we dare to explore life outside of the safety net.

I am reminded that this God is wild, untamable, operates outside of human understanding and control. This is the Christian God, how much has this been watered down!! with certainty.

Well tomorrow, I shift over to the other sides of the great lakes, and away from Niagara falls where I am at present, and another first, the windy city of Chicago where I have not been before. Mooters, do mail me, I am feeling a bit billy no mates at the moment….

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Fascinating Montreal

Well this is the first time I have come to Canada, to Montreal and the fascinating region of Quebec. I am here care of Nick Brotherwood of Emerge and the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. The politics and culture here feel very European, and after having it explained to me in the last two days, there is a real history here of oppression of the French speaking majority by the English speaking minority. I think I have just got my head around some of the issues!! This part of Canada very nearly became an independent State, but all now seems to be improving towards tolerance.

There are a number of interesting Emerging Church projects here, one Anglican – Emerge, one Free Methodist (Linda take note) called Open Door, and one loosely aligned surprisingly with the Southern Baptists called Curieux, (As in the English ‘Curious’ and no I am not going mad that it right!). This final group seems to be doing well with a 50:50 French and English speaking community. It is refreshing to be around these guys, who don’t take themselves too seriously, but are passionate about what they do. So it has been a real privilege. My presentations and book seem to have gone down well here – as I think we face similar issues, more than the UK-USA connection.

This is also the city of one of my most favourite films, Jesus of Montreal, which again was important in my own Christian formation, and does reflect some of the real issues of this city – particularly an increasing rejection of Roman Catholicism which has been seen to be utterly controlling, and now that Quebec Qua is now recognised as the official leading language of Quebec, the people are increasingly separating the Church from culture and becoming post-religious. Nick said that the film was quite right – that people are interested in Jesus, but not interested in the institutional church which continues to try and tell people what to do. As in Europe there is here a huge turn towards new mysticism and holistic spirituality. So tomorrow I head off back into the USA and Jamestown via Buffalo. Au revoir Montreal…

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