Mondays (non-bank holidays): 12 midday to 12.30
Tuesdays: 8.15am to 8.45am
Wednesdays: 6.30pm to 7.15pm 

Mondays 12 midday (half an hour session)
Tuesdays 8.15am (half an hour session)
Wednesdays 6.30pm (3/4 an hour session)

Our weekly meditation groups provide a powerful way to relax, lower your stress level and develop a spiritual prayer practice. Our groups follow the John Main’s sacred word concentrative meditation method, which can enable us to reach beyond our thinking and feeling, and with moments of encountering God.  John Main was a Benedictine Monk who set up the World Meditation Community.

We are currently reviewing our meditation group times, particularly what we need to consider at lunch times.  If you are willing to complete a short online survey it would really help us, click here.

[Above: Moot Meditation from Michael Radcliffe on Vimeo]

Resources to help you develop meditation

Click on the links below to hear audio resources on meditation.

1. How to begin to meditate words from John Main

2. Aaron Kennedy and Jonny Spoor discuss with Ian Mobsby how meditation is a form of spiritual or prayer practice.

3. Resources for contemplative prayer practice