Sunday Service

Every Sunday we meet for our¬†evening service, beginning with tea/coffee at 6pm before the service at 6.30pm, and then afterwards either heading to the pub or (the first Sunday of the month) sharing food and drink during the service. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join in – and we’d love to share a tea or beer with you before or after the service.

The services are prepared by and led by members of the community – if you get to know us better we’d love you to get involved too!¬†All the services are contemplative in style, and cycle through 4 liturgies as below (note: this is subject to change! get in touch ahead of time if you’re aiming for a particular one of the liturgies):

Agape (1st Sunday – bring & share food – you’re more than welcome even if you can’t bring anything!)

Contemplative (2nd Sunday – Pub afterwards)

Eucharist (3rd Sunday – Pub afterwards)

Taize (4th Sunday – Pub afterwards)

[5th Sunday depends!]