Serum Dialogue Group – Hope is creativity

Stand firm in hope: it is creativity

In a proposal from the Taize community, brother Alois suggests that we should stand firm in hope and that hope is creativity. Where do you find the way to start over again? How can you support, and be supported by others, in living in hope?

7:30pm at the Green Man Pub, 1 Poultry, in the booth at the foot of the stairs.

Serum is a discussion about all things spiritual. It is friendly, serious and fun. We explore questions about life and the divine in an informal, open and non-prescriptive way over a drink in the pub. An initial short thought and question gets things going, after which the conversation runs freely. Serum thrives on a diversity of view points and experiences and is not about having ‘the right answer’. The evening is rounded off with an opportunity to share insights and reflections on the question. All are welcome.

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