Thinking of getting involved?


Moot as a Christian spiritual community welcomes people to become new participants.  There are lots of different ways of getting involved in our life with our home at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary.  Periodically we hold a ‘meet the mooters’ tea for people to come and hear what we are trying to do, and to answer any questions or queries people have. If you are interested in attending the next one of these gatherings, email us here .

We suggest that people interested in getting involved come along to our regular events during the week and Sunday services.  There is quite a lot going on, so we encourage new people to come to events and services that seem relevant to where you are in your spiritual journey.

We are currently working to better frame what it means to join the community and how that process unfolds, but as a guild church we do have an electoral roll which individuals can join who are becoming a regular face. We do encourage everyone who considers Moot to be their or one of their spiritual homes to set up regular financial support as a part of commitment to the church and community.

If you require any further information, or would like to meet up with Paul Kennedy our Priest or a member of the GCC (Guild Church Council – our church committee) to discuss any of this further, please email here.