The Christian Church in the West Follows the Common Lectionary for daily scriptural readings. This practice began with the Desert Mothers and Fathers who tried to read a schema of the Psalms on a regular basis.

We have a few resources below, that either enable you to see the texts and info for a particular Sunday, or further, download information that you can input into your Apple or PC Computer Calendar for each day.  See below for details.

1. Common Worship Almanac.

This page allows you to set what information and for what type of computer diary you have to choose and download a calendar.  Click here

2. Text Week

This resource gives the texts and further information for the Lectionary on particular Sundays.  Click here

3. Oremus Bible Browser

In Moot and St Mary Aldermary, we are committed to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.  To be able to look up a particular passage online click here.