Become a Companion?

captur_7We welcome all those interested in the Community, wherever in the world they happen to be, to play an active part in our life and development. We want to include all those whose work or location prevents this, especially as we develop our new monastic focus and Host Project in the City of London.

What is a Companion?

Companions are those who, in the course of their spiritual journey, have been influenced and encouraged by the work of Moot.  This may be by encountering the community first hand, by reading one of the many books that have been written and inspired by the community, or by the teaching and speaking ministry of the Priest Missioner or other Mooters.  Companions are those who are prepared to pray for the work of the community and its participants, contribute financially to its work and who seek to be inspired by a form of christian monastic spirituality. Through this commitment to pray and support, the community will gain much strength and encouragement.

A Companion is one who accompanies

Whatever the catalyst, a Companion is someone who wants to accompany the Community but is not in a position to participate in its life in Central London. We invite people or organisations who want to be Companions to use our website resources and join in with our Moot Companions Facebook Group.  We will send you a quarterly e-newsletter to keep you updated on the challenges, achievements and needs of the community.

A Companion is one who prays

With so much going on with Moot and our sister communities there is much to pray about!  Most of our activities around worship, mission and community involve risk, financial and human resources.  We need people to pray for our work in such uncertain times.   We will include prayer requests in the e-newsletter to assist with this much appreciated prayer. We would also love to hear from you about any prayer requests you have as individuals or as organisations you would like us to include in our daily rhythm of morning and evening prayer.

A Companion is one who supports the community

As a New Monastic Community we need to raise sufficient resources to cover all our costs. Unlike many European Churches or Religious Communities, we get no central government or church funding, and so rely on fundraising and the generosity of supporters to cover all costs.  In Moot’s history funding has been a constant challenge, so any assistance you can afford us will really help.  We hope that you will be willing to set up a regular financial donation to be used to sustain our work, and if you are a UK tax payer, complete a gift aid form to enable us to claim 20% back on top of your donation.

A Companion is one who seeks God

Companions are encouraged to draw on the wide range of spiritual resources on our website to strengthen their spiritual life.  These include daily prayer, podcasts, forms of contemplative prayer, blogging dialogues and training events.  The spiritual practices aim to assist in this pursuit to develop healthy disciplines.

What benefits do I get by becoming a Moot Companion?

When you have signed up to be a Companion through the Moot Website or by completing the slip in this leaflet, you will receive the following:

–      A copy of Moot’s Little Liturgy book or a copy of Ian Mobsby’s book “God Unknown, the Trinity in contemporary spirituality and mission” dependent on what we have in stock.

–      Invitation to join our planned retreats and training day workshops in the UK, both local and national.

–      Invitation to participate in social weekends away in the UK.

–      Invitation to attend the Rhythm of Life recommitment services in the UK.

–      Full access to our website resources, podcasts and prayer practices.

–      A quarterly e-newsletter updating you on the life, challenges and successes of the community.

–      Inclusion of any prayer requests that you or your organisation wish us to include in our daily morning and evening prayer life.

How do I set up becoming a Companion to Moot?

1. If you live in the UK you can sign up using the slip and pay be postal order or cheque for £68 (waged) and £48 low or unwaged..

2. Unfortunately we are unable to process cheques and money orders from outside of the UK. If you reside outside of the UK or if you want to sign up online with payment via paypal, debit or credit card please follow the link from the Moot Community’s front page ( or by following the link ‘‘.

I still have questions who should I contact?

Please email

International payment can be made by Paypal.

Rates of Subscription:

1. N & S America, UK & Europe Working Subscription at £68 UKP


2. N & S America, UK & Europe Student or Low Waged Subscription at £48 UKP


3. South Pacifc, Australia & New Zealand Working Subscription at £58 UKP


4. South Pacifc, Australia & New Zealand Student or Low Waged Subscription at £38 UKP


To unsubscribe from an annual international friends subscription, please use the button below: