Who’s who?



It’s not always easy to know what is going on in a community as diverse and networked as Moot.  So we thought it a good idea to explain a little what goes on, who is who.  Here are some resources, some accessible to people who are not participants in the community, others now.  See side bar for further links.


Moot and Accountability at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary, City of London.


Moot and St Mary Aldermary seek to be both an expression of the religious life and a local expression of the Church.  In so doing, proper accountability needs to be in place for its religious life and its activities as a local church.

The Moot Community and the electoral roll of St Mary Aldermary are the same body.  Moot members are elected via this electoral roll to the positions within the Guild Church Council.  Until recently, we had a Priest-in-Charge, Ian Mobsby, who was appointed by the Bishop of London, and installed by the Bishop in Spring 2011. We are currently in the process of preparing to find a replacement. St Mary Aldermary is accountable to the Archdeacon of London and Bishop of London, and part of the City Deanery and Chapter of the Church of England.  For more information on the current governance who’s who, please see options on the left.


Exploring Participating in an Acknowledge Religious Community


Moot as a new monastic community is currently seeking to become recognised as an ‘Acknowledged Religious Community’ of the Church of England. By doing so, Moot will be one of the first newly invited communities to enter into this identity. In the summer of 2011, our former Priest Ian Mobsby was co-opted onto the Church of England’s General Synod Advisory Council for Religious Communities and Diocesan Bishops. Ian with a number of new monastics, with support from CMS and Abbot Stuart of Mucknell Abbey, submitted a proposal amongst which ‘new monastic communities’ become fully recognised as authentic expressions of the religious life. This is hugely exciting. When Moot becomes formally an Acknowledged Religious Community, then it will be accountable for his religious life and expectations to an external visitor appointed by the Advisory Council in agreement with the Diocesan Bishop. Their process has begun but not completed.