Become a Priest Associate?



Moot is a pioneering Church community that seeks to be sacramental, missional and gospel focused.  Moot plays its part within the Church of England actively supporting the discernment of vocations, and enables a number of ordinands to begin ministerial formation every year.

Over the last ten years in the history of the Community, a number of Priests in the Church of England and Pastors of other denominations have expressed their support for our work, and shown an interest in having some form of relationship to and with the community. Some have asked for the possibility to make a regular financial contribution, knowing that there are not many trusts and other sources of income for the type of work we do.

Moot is one of the flagship New Monastic Communities that is in the middle of a discernment process to become an Acknowledged Religious Community of the Church of England. We hope that in early 2015 we will be able to launch the proposed ‘Society of the Holy Trinity’ where Moot will be one of around six founding communities.  As part of this process we have been listening to leading Anglican Franciscans and Benedictines who have suggested that we set a form of Priest Associates grouping.

So now in 2014 in the eleventh year of the community we have decided to launch a Moot Priest Associates scheme to enable Ordained Ministers of the Church of England and other denominations to have a formal relationship with the community.

For the scheme we will include:

  • A bi-annual newsletter updating you of our activities and developments.
  • An annual social event in the Host Cafe in the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary to renew friendships and update you with plans.
  • An annual day retreat in Central London aimed at supporting Ordained Minister.
  • Inclusion in all our day conferences, training days and other events at a discounted fee.
  • Access to a Moot Priest Associates Facebook group, which will allow comment for news and links to online resources.

We therefore invite all Ordinands and Ordained Ministers in the Church of England and beyond to consider joining this scheme by setting up a gift aided monthly standing order for between £10 and £20 a month.

If you live within the UK and would like to proceed with this we need you to download the leaflet below, or sign up using the paypal link.  International supporters, please also use the paypal link to set this up.

Download Leaflet here: moot priest associates

Please complete the subscription below.  This will set up a monthly contribution to the Moot Community.   For UK Taxpayers we would also ask that you print off and complete a Gift Aid form so that we can claim 20% back on your gift against tax.

Download Gift Aid from here: Moot&SMAGiftaidform