The three spaces of belonging

In Moot there is great acceptance that we are all on a spiritual journey and that we are all at different stages on that path. This journey is rarely linear, as we have realised that to be the product of a modernist progress myth. In reality the spiritual life is one that oscillates from faith to doubt and from life which leads to processes of orientation, disorientation and reorientation. We also believe that it is God that beckons us on to go ever deeper into following God and facing ourselves. It is the Holy Spirit that constantly unsettles our certainties, beliefs and understandings.

Accordingly, we have discerned that there are three spaces of belonging in Moot for those who see the community as a spiritual home.    Being three spaces, they are places of vocation, praxis and discernment and not of power.  Participants of all three spaces have an equal voice on our Community Council, and most can stand for elected positions on the Council (Guild Church Council).  Importantly, each person in Moot self-determines where they are regarding these three stages.  Equally, there is no pressure for people to shift between them.  This is between the individual and God.

The Exploring Space

This is a space for those who see themselves as spiritual and not religious, who want space to live and explore Christian spirituality through participation of meditation groups, serum group, yoga and meditation groups, weekends away, dialogues, training sessions and socials. It may be that you are exploring Christianity for the first time. In Advent and Lent we lay on evening opportunities to explore Christian spirituality for the whole community, which particularly seek to explore Christian spirituality in some form.

For this space, we do ask people to affirm the aspirations of the Rhythm of Life as a basis to explore.

The Participating Space

This space is for people who have some form of Christian faith or spirituality.  For some, this space gives room to explore the Christian faith afresh (deconstruction to reconstruction).  It is also for Christian participants in the community who see Moot as their spiritual home.  For this space, we do ask people to affirm the spiritual practices and postures as well as the aspirations of the Rhythm of Life as an expression of being a follower of the way of Jesus Christ. This will involve being part of a mini-moot once a month, attending a week day or sunday evening service, co-curating an act of worship, having a spiritual director, attending monthly community council meetings, developing a healthy prayer and meditation life, a healthy missional life, and participating and contributing to the life of the community.  For those wanting to deconstruct reconstruct we run a monthly weekday lunchtime and evening Living the Questions Group.

The Third Space 

This space is relatively new, and is aimed to support those who sense a strong desire to go deeper into the New Monastic expression of the Christian faith.  Many of this group are a facilitating ‘leader’ to an aspect of the communities life.  For this space people are already meeting the expectations of the Participating Space, but who also commit to meeting once a month for support, challenge and prayer.  This grouping are seeking greater relational accountability.  At some point there will be additional spiritual practices for this third space, but this is all being discerned at the moment.