The Aspirations

We live the rhythm of life through presence, acceptance, creativity, balance, accountability and hospitality.


We commit to journeying together with God and each other, by meeting together as a community in prayer and worship, in friendship and grief and happiness. We aim to be more than just a group of individuals or anonymous people in the city, rather an open community, a hopeful sign.


We desire to accept both ourselves and other people as they are, and to allow people to say what they believe without fear of judgment. We want to create a safe space where people feel welcomed and at home. We hope to learn from all those in and outside the community.


We want to have an open approach to how we learn, live and encounter God in the plurality of our city and the world. We wish to be creative in our worship, in prayer, and with the Christian tradition, in our lives, in learning, in our theology and with the arts.


We aspire to live with integrity in the city, striving as a community for balance between work, rest and play. We wish to develop healthy spiritual disciplines such as daily prayer, meditation and contemplation, drawing on the ancient Christian paths. We want to live sustainably, and within our means. We desire to not be simply consumers, but people committed to giving and receiving in all of life.


We desire to be accountable to one another, to grow and journey together, listening to each other and the wider Christian community for wisdom rather than trusting only ourselves. We want to have a willingness to share life, rather than to privatise it; we seek to walk together in a deep way rather than as strangers who only know the surface of each other.


We wish to welcome everyone we encounter, when we are gathered and when we are dispersed, extending Christ’s gracious invitation to relationship, meaning and life in all its fullness.