Rhythm of Life

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There are three important elements of the Rhythm of Life.  The Aspirations, The Spiritual Practices and the Postures.

The Aspirations – are about how we desire to live in but not of contemporary culture and our busy City of London.  These seek to answer the question – how should we live?  We seek to affirm all that is good, but also question what is unjust and dehumanises.

The Spiritual Practices –  are about how we live out the Christian life in terms of worship, mission and community.  Each individual is asked to discern what these practices mean for them reflecting our different personalities, responsibilities and life situations.

The Postures – are about seeing the whole of life as a form of prayer.  That we meet God in unexpected places – and that we need not fall into the trap of seeing life as overwhelming and that God is absent and the universe scarce of love.  Instead living in hope and expectancy of God’s presence and the abundance of love in the Universe.