In more depth

Moot is a new-monastic community whose home is the Church of St Mary Aldermary (Mansion House, London). It is a living sign that those who may not relate to traditional or contemporary expressions of church can find a spiritual path within the Christian contemplative tradition.

We recognise the inspiration of scriptures and saints, monastics and mystics, philosophers and artists throughout the centuries, and seek to offer generous hospitality and open conversation to all. Spiritual practices, individually discerned, form the heart of our communal life, which we express in terms of presence, acceptance, creativity, balance, accountability and hospitality.

We seek to live in a way that is honest to God and honest to now, finding inspiration in the meeting of faith and culture. The rhythm of life we seek is in finding ourselves present to God in the midst of the chances, questions and quandaries of everyday life. We welcome all to share their lives and learning with us – our doors are open throughout the week.

Our new home, the Church of St Mary Aldermary, is the oldest of the church buildings attributed to St Mary in the City of London. It was likely founded by Benedictine monks from the Priory of Christchurch, Canterbury, about 900 years ago, with the first recorded Rector, Ernest de Berket, being appointed in 1233. Moot is honoured and excited by the opportunity to bring fresh expression to the rich heritage of this wonderful building.

Moot is an authorised community and project of the Diocese of London in the Church of England.

From September 2012, the Bishop of London has formally given consent for the Moot Community to begin the process of discernment, about becoming a fully recognised ‘Acknowledged Religious Community’. We are excited at this next step of our journey going deeper with our shared sense of vocation.

Please see the What is New Monasticism?, Rhythm of Life and Spirituality sections of our website for more information on these topics.