Moot Community

Can I visit Moot?
Please do! Everyone is very welcome to join us for almost all of our events, with a full list of upcoming events found on the Events section of this website. St Mary Aldermary is also open from 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays while the Host Cafe is open from 8.30am to 4pm. We have regular events on weekdays, especially on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. The most attended event is our Sunday evening services (which some members of the Community round off with a trip to the local pub), so you are very welcome to come along and say hello. You will need to make an appointment with the Priest if you are wanting a one-to-one conversation though, as the emphasis on Sunday evenings is on being community.

Can I come and speak to someone about Moot?
Everyone is very welcome to come to our services and events, where there is almost always a member of the Community present who would be happy to speak to you about Moot. Our Host cafe is also open and staffed by members of the Community, and we please check the Events section of the website for any upcoming New to Moot? afternoon tea sessions.

If you are wanting to make time to meet up with our priest, you will need to make an appointment. Please note that for formal groups to receive input as part of planned tours of Fresh Expressions or Mission Initiatives there will be a financial fee. These are usually organised for Saturdays during the day or a weekday afternoon, depending on availability.

Can you tell me more about the worship at St Mary Aldermary?
The Moot Community is a new monastic approach to church that seeks to draw on the contemplative tradition within Christianity. The website has a number of blog posts and links that you may find interesting. As a young new monastic community though, probably the best way to learn about us is to come along to one of our services, a list of which can be found on the Events section of the website.

I’m visiting from the other side of the world and am interested in what Moot is doing. Can I stay with someone from Moot?
We don’t have a community residence, and as such cannot offer somewhere to stay for a few days. We do though have a number of events happening throughout the week that everyone is very welcome to attend. A member of the Community is almost always present at these, and would no doubt be very happy to chat to you about the Community.

Can I Gift Aid my donation to Moot?
If you are a UK taxpayer, then any donation made to the Moot Community can be offset from your tax bill. All you need to do is fill in the form! Please see the Community section of the website for setting up a regular or one-off donation.

Host Cafe

What is the Host Cafe?
Please see the Host section of the website for more information on what Host is and how it came about.

St Mary Aldermary

Can I get married in St Mary Aldermary?
We consider it a compliment that you would like to get married here! There are however a number of restrictions for who is allowed to have wedding ceremonies with us. As a guild church, not a parish church, we are only able to marry people on our electoral roll and via a Common License – where the Priest is satisfied that the proposed wedding meets the requirements of the UK Border Agency and Church of England regulations. On that basis, we would not be able to have your ceremony here unless you started attending activities of the Moot Community and Host project at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary (which, of course, you are very welcome to do). We also can rent out the building for events, so it may be possible for the actual wedding ceremony to be held somewhere else and for St Mary Aldermary to be booked as the venue for the reception.

Can I do a recital or play for free in St Mary Aldermary?
We are actively looking for partnership events and keeping an open mind on the various options. There is a list of interested parties that you can be added to, so please do come in and chat to someone in the Host cafe who will be able to discuss this with you in more detail or simply pop us an email.

If you are looking for a venue for a recital, concert, seminar or conference we do rent out the church space on particular times. Please do contact our office for information on hiring the church premises.

Can I do some filming in St Mary Aldermary?
The process for this is not straightforward, as the church building falls under the jurisdiction of the Bishop and Diocese of London. To do so we would need to apply for a faculty from the Archdeaconry of London and for which there would be a financial fee. We also need 2 months notice to be able to sort this out. Please bear in mind that the Diocese possesses the right to refuse a faculty. Please contact us if you would like to film.

Can I have a stall outside St Mary Aldermary?
At the moment we have a number of stalls using the land directly outside the church building which we use with permission from the Archdeaconry of London. At present this is full. We do operate a waiting list of interested parties that we will happily add you. Please bear in mind the length of the waiting list, but do contact us if you are interested.