Welcome Andrew Norwood to Moot!

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For those who don’t already know, Andrew will be working with Moot for the next six months, (two days a week), helping us as we try to discern our way forward as a community. As well as Sundays (being present for the community, and leading Eucharist), Andrew will be at SMA on Wednesdays to help with some admin; liaise with the SMA and host staff; and be available for pastoral meetings. (He will also have a few flexible hours for meetings and pastoral work outside of these days).

One of the things we’re asking Andrew to do is to help facilitate the upcoming Community Forums. The Community Forums will occupy the Sunday afternoon slot vacated by the Community Councils and will be a chance to explore collectively the vision and calling of Moot. Building on the work of the vision day, these sessions will help us to determine what Moot needs are going forward and what role the Rythmn of life and new monasticism will have.

Andrew has been a priest over twenty years, (including ten years as a chaplain to the The University of the Arts London), and I think will be an excellent fit for us.


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