Advent Sessions: 4 The Laboratory of the Spirit by Dave Tomlinson



In this fourth of four podcasts Dave Tomlinson explores the theme ‘The Laboratory of the Spirit.’ Where and what is the spiritual quest today, and how do we engage with it? Why are many non-churchgoers more spiritually intelligent than some churchgoers? How can the church become a more effective laboratory of the Spirit? This podcast was recorded in the Moot Advent Sessions at Moot’s home, the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary in Central London, UK. For more info on Moot see

The session began with exploring the place of Spiritual Intelligence, and drawing on his newly published book, A Bad Christian Manifesto, the session drew on Chapter 4. Dave explored the theme that spiritual intelligence is not the same as being deeply rooted in a religious tradition. The two are not synonymous. In fact all too often being religious in Christianity can come across as lacking in any spiritual intelligence.

Dave defined spiritual intelligence in terms of attributes:
– Self-awareness: a grasp of what makes us tick, in terms of values and motivations.
– Constancy: consistency in following our deepest convictions and values – even when it means standing against the crowd.
– Spontaneity: staying alive in the moment and responding to what each moment presents.
– Empathy: identifying with others and sharing in their feelings.
– Humility: a measured sense of our own place in the wider scheme of things.
– Curiosity: the motivation to explore – especially the ‘why?’ questions.
– Flexibility: standing back from a situation or problem to see the bigger picture, and make necessary readjustments.
– Resilience: remaining positive in the face of adversity; learning and growing from mistakes and setbacks.
– Groundedness: a sense of bearing and purpose.
– Receptivity: staying open and welcoming toward diversity and difference.

Dave’s books ‘Bad Christian’ and ‘Bad Christian Manifesto’ are on sale through the Moot bookstall, click here.


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