Living the Moot Rhythm of Life

advert1_96So we begin a new season with the Moot Community.   A big welcome to those who have found us at Greenbelt, and those who have visited us seeking a  new spiritual home either because you have moved to London, or because you are seeking a new spiritual community.

I have been struck by a key paragraph in Moot’s ROL that for me expresses the essence of what we hope we as a New Monastic Community espouse.

This experience – of love that we never thought possible, love that compels us to lavish Jesus with worship in response – is available to us all. Indeed, Jesus seems to have considered it a signature of the gospel he was parching, saying that wherever it was preached her act of generous love should be remembered. Such transformative love enables us to find inner freedom from the thoughts that distort us. We become caught up in a love bigger than anything we could muster in our own strength, and consequently we find we can loves God, others and ourselves more and more…. (Aaron Kennedy, 2009, unpublished).

If you are interested in Moot and how we understand who we are as a New Monastic Community, please see the document at the bottom of this post which can be downloaded.


To open up the ROL for new people we hold occasional ‘afternoon teas’ before a Sunday Evening Service to discuss this document and more widely what Moot hopes to be as a New Monastic Community in the centre of the City of London.  If you are interested in this then please email to register an interest in attending.

If you are new to Moot, then a big welcome, and let us know if we can assist you….



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