A Moot Point: Thank You

Last Tuesday, Team GreenMoot returned home after a bank holiday weekend at Greenbelt Festival, on the palace greens of Boughton House, Kettering. We arrived excited, we left muddy; We arrived ready for anything, we left soaked. We arrived some as volunteers, some as contributors, some as attendees of the festival. We left in need of warm showers and the spinal support only our mattress promised. Yet, when we left, we left bonded together by a warmth and affection found in participation and belonging.

Moot worked together, even before we left London, to make sure its contribution was honest to God and honest to Moot. Care put into drafting texts, practicing the readings, and learning the Taizé songs. As things developed, people asked good questions and sought to check that we were all on the same page. In the final week prior, there was a frenzy of inquiry to make sure everyone going had a means of transport, or needed help in any way. Arriving on site, people helped set up each others tents, and shared food.

Everyone played a part, and each person came forth to contribute as some point in the weekend. After a night of record cold and lots of shivering, 8am felt like such an ungodly hour. But, Carey gracefully sorted us out for morning prayer and Chris lead with such gentle courage, whilst Iain’s re-purposed candle flickered with our prayers. Laura brought a printout of the meditation with her and Ciara sussed out copies. Katherine, Matthew, Ciara and Carey led the mediation, gently holding open a moment of pause and imagination. Later that evening, The “Taiz-e-brae”, Moots mixture of Tenebrae and Taizé chants, proved a well attended expression of what Moot is all about: working together. Emily, Vanessa, Marc, Lou, Ciara and Matthew helped to suggest that darkness can also speak to God’s intimacy. With a quick moment to set up, people worked together and snapped into action, making for an event whose sum was greater than its parts. We even got a nice write-up in the Church Times.

This gathering of small moments is what makes Moot a moot. Even if we marginalise them within and to ourselves –perhaps, even to the degree of seeming a moot point, these small details show forth the wondrous heart of this community. In so many ways, Mooters demonstrated this weekend their responsibility to Moot, and so contributed to the spiritual vitality and encouragement that Greenbelt provides, even if it rained a little on Monday. Okay, a lot…

So, we managed a fairly high quality offering to Greenbelt. To everyone on Team GreenMoot, to Lou, Emily, Carey, Chris, Steffan, Ciara, Marc, Matthew, Katherine, and Vanessa, as well as Paul, Laura, Michaela, James, Rosie and all those who didn’t go to greenbelt, but helped us prepare, to this group of collaborators and co-creators, Moot sounds its warmest and proudest thanks!

Oh, and Sinéad was a-MAZE-ing.


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