Moot Activities at Greenbelt 2014


Moot Events
Saturday Evening – Death Cafe
Sunday Morning, Lunchtime and Evening – Contemplative Prayers and Worship
Monday morning dialogue group, meet the Mooters Monday Late morning, Book launch Monday afternoon.

The Moot Community are doing a number of different things at this years Greenbelt Festival.  This includes a ‘Death Cafe’ for dialogue on exploring our finality and fragility, contemplative prayers that include a morning prayer on Sunday, a Trinitarian Contemplative Service on Sunday lunchtime, and an adapted Tenebrae Service also on the Sunday.  Monday kicks off with a dialogue group exploring how monastic spirituality is useful today, a meet the Mooters in Jesus Arms Pub late morning, and a book launch at G Store in the afternoon.   See below for more details:

Event: Death Cafe
Venue: Table
Timing: 10pm-11pm
Description: Dialogue groups to explore our own finality and fragility.

Event: Moot Morning Prayer
Venue: The Mount
Timing: 8-8.30am
Description: Contemplative prayer for the beginning of the day

Event:Praying with the Trinity
Venue: The Mount
Timing: 1-1.30pm
Description: Contemplative prayer to experience the Triune God.

Event: Moot Tenebrae
Venue: The Mount
Timing: 7-7.30pm
Description: Modern take on an ancient liturgy to explore the via negativa or what some call the ‘dark night of the soul’.

Event: Living Well in the Modern World: What can Monasticism teach us? 
Facilitated by Ian Mobsby and Vanessa Elston
Timing: 10-11am
Venue: The Table
Description: Ian and Vanessa will share their thoughts followed by group discussions and questions.

Event: Book launch and signings
Venue: G Book Stall
Timing: 2.30 to 3
Description: Promotion of New Monastic Book and Promo Moot.

Event: Meet the Mooters informal Gathering
Venue: Jesus Arms
Timing: 3 to 4pm
Description: For those interested in getting involved in Moot or becoming a friend of the Moot Community, come and join us for an informal chat.


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