The challenge of Ecological Justice and the story of Monsanto

One of the recent developments in the world of farming, are the new multi-national agricultural/chemical companies.  Monsanto in particular has received world-wide criticism for the way it has tried to control farmers with patents defining what farmers can and cannot do with their genetically modified crops.

In the USA, this multinational company even has its own legal Act of Congress called the Monsanto bill, which maintains in law a strict interpretation protecting Monsanto’s ownership and patents.

Greenpeace and many of the ecologically focused justice and non-governmental organisations have raised their concerns about what looks like a corporate campaign to take over the world’s staple food crops.   Vanity Fair magazine highlighted an article telling  the story of aggressive and litigious practices of Monsanto, particularly towards smaller farming organisations across the world.

One good piece of news, is that that the European Commission has been very careful in what it has approved influenced by the hard realities that farmers have experienced in the USA.  However, Monsanto is now throwing its political weight in Europe, and many are concerned that it will soon give way and patent many key staple foods. For more details on the criticisms of Monsanto check out this site. and here.



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