This is Holy Week


Today (Sunday 13th April) we enter Holy Week that begins with Palm Sunday.  On this day we remember the story of Jesus entering into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey with a crowd about him waving palms shouting the words “Hosanna’ or more literally ‘save me’.  This is the point when there is enormous expectation of Jesus to demonstrate he is the Messiah.  The Jewish Messiah was expected to enter into Jerusalem and bring in a new kingdom of God.  This kingdom of God was to be political and visible, where many looked forward to the Romans being thrown out of Judea.   Instead Jesus comes into Jerusalem in meekness and powerlessness.  This is a new kind of Kingdom, not of power and might, but the crowds, the pharisees, the saducees, the scribes and the priests are perplexed by this Jesus who seems to have the power of God but not conform to expectations of the Jewish Messiah.



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