Sweet Meats by Isobel Wohl 29th March 4-9pm


I am really looking forward to an important Art installation for Lent by Isobel Wohl in St Mary Aldermary, details below:

Isobel Wohl
St Mary Aldermary
Saturday 29 March 4-9 pm

When we slice into an orange we realize something we often forget: that on every Tesco shelf is an object capable of capturing our senses if only we take the time to engage. Through painting and text, Isobel Wohl draws attention to the physicality of overlooked objects of consumption.

Isobel Wohl was born in New York City in 1986. Her work evokes the kinship between the figure and the object and questions dynamics of sex and power. For more details on Isobel’s work click here.




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