Developing a contemplative prayer life, 22nd March 10am – 3.30pm


This day is a rare opportunity to expereince and develop various different approaches to contemplative prayer.  The day is aimed at those who are wanting encouragement, experience, guidance and wisdom regarding the various different appoaches to prayer as the experience or absence of being with God.

We encourage all participants of the Moot Community, those who are on a spiritual journeying with us, those who are exploring forms of new monasticism and those who are hungry to encounter God through prayer to come.

The day is free for those who are participants of the Moot Community, and discounted for those who are not.

The day will be led by Julie Dunstan, who is a Spiritual Director, teacher at the London Centre for Spirituality, Psychotherapist and Reader. Julie has much experience to share with us as we seek to deepen our own contemplative life.

For all new monastics, prayer is an essential focus to the way of following Jesus, which some have articulated as ‘prayerful action’ or ‘contemplative action’.

Without an active and healthy prayer life, then there is a great danger that our lives become overly focused on those things that distort us in the absence of God.  Sometimes we become fixated on our own thinking and feeling and forget to seek after the presence of God in the world. This day seeks to inspire and encourage those seeking to start or develop their prayer life, which is never easy, and requires perseverance and discipline.


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