Moot Reflections – Meditation as spiritual practice

In this Reflection Series of the Moot Community Podcast, Aaron Kennedy, Jonny Spoor and Ian Mobsby discuss the place of Christian Meditation as a spiritual practice. In the Moot Community Rhythm of Life is the commitment to the practice of prayer and meditation (daily, rhythmic, individual and in community). So what are the benefits? What does meditation bring? How do you start? And how do you sustain regular meditation? This podcast seeks to engage with these issues, and ends with some advice from one of our teachers, the Benedictine Monk John Main.

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POSTED 01.06.13 BY: ianmobsby | Comments (1)

One Response to “Moot Reflections – Meditation as spiritual practice”

  1. On December 15th, 2010 at 2:52 am Christopher Boozell said:

    I really enjoyed this pod cast. A number of good thoughts were offered, but one of the ideas all three returned to (at least implicitly) was the idea that meditation is a ‘tool’ and has a number of effects. The easiest to observe are the simply psycho-physiological, as in the discussion around alleviating bouts of anxiety. But these psychological benefits – worthy as they may be – are just the beginning of what a spiritual seeker can look forward to. More completely, Christian meditation as a tool for getting out of our own way as we look to see God is an enourmously important part of a complete spiritual life. You all did a fine job of developing this line of thought.

    Thanks for posting this helpful podcast!


    Chris Boozell