Moot Celebrates its New Monastic Life before the Archdeacon of London on Pentecost Sunday

The largest number of Mooters ever took part in the annual ‘Rhythm of Life’ Commitment Service today before David Meara the Archdeacon of London on Pentecost Sunday.  As Moot goes from strength to strength in St Mary Aldermary, (the new home for the community for where it has resided for under 3 years), it was deeply encouraging to experience so many new mooters and those more established committing to following the way of Jesus Christ as a monastic new monastic seasonal vow.

This year, prayer hand labyrinths were given out as gifts to enrich personal prayer which were specially handmade for the occasion.  In his homily, the Archdeacon of London talked of the vocation of Moot to live and think outside of the box in obedience to God, but in new and creative ways.

In the intercessions, a number of international companions and leaders of Sister Communities – both mendicant and new monastics prayed for the community.  Jonathan Clark, the Bishop of Croydon prayed for Moot to remain true to its vocation, Sister Joyce of the Anglican Franciscans prayed that Moot will continue to take risks with mission and grow into the religious life, Emma Loveridge of the Sinai in the City New Monastic Community prayed that Moot would sustain its prophetic role and witness whilst Jonathan Dowman of the B1 Birmingham based New Monastic Community prayed that Moot would meet the challenge this year of the material and financial resources it needed to achieve its mission and ministry activity, particularly of the Host Cafe Project.

This year Moot will say a goodbye to a number of its participants including Grace Cowley and Aaron Kennedy who are getting married in the summer and then moving to Cambridge as Aaron becomes an Ordinand studying to become a Church of England Priest at Westcott House in Cambridge.

As part of a Church of England pilot, the Moot Community is currently in a discernment process to become a New Monastic Acknowledged Religious Community.  This will mean that it will be setting up a new national umbrella organisation that will not only support Moot, but a number of other new monastic communities under the same society.  It is currently being proposed that this will be called the Society of the Holy Trinity reflecting an organisation that was set up under the Oxford Movement which recently failed.   It is hoped that the new constitution of the Acknowledged Religious Community will be completed by July 2013.


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