Lent 2013 Being the People of Peace | Feb 13th to Mar 22nd

Art Installations, a creative reinterpretation of the Stations of the Cross and a Lent Course exploring the spiritual season with the insights of non violent communication.

Lent is an important liminal season in the church calendar. It symbolically reflects the 40 days that Jesus went into the desert to wrestle with his faith and his humanity following his baptism at the beginning of his ministry.  Lent is traditionally a season for Christians to spiritually reflect on their faith, life, understandings and attitudes at a time for questioning and self-growth. This year the Moot Community at St Mary Aldermary will be joined by others from Bank Churches and beyond.

Being the People of Peace
We live in stressful and complex times when all too often Christians have been involved in conflict and contributed to a world that is increasingly lacking in love, compassion and respect. We remember that the Great Commandment was the highest tenet of Jesus’ teaching, which we as followers of the way of Christ have at best neglected. We are called to love God, love ourselves and love others. So how do we do this practically?

For Lent 2013, we are seeking to explore what it means to be ‘the people of peace’. We will draw on the reflections of a particular book by Jamie L Prieto, ‘The Joy of Compassionate Connecting: The Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication.’  In each session we will begin with a time for silent engaging with the art installation and Stations of the Cross.  This will be followed by an exploration of a particular aspect of being the people of peace drawing on scripture, dialogue, prayer and introductory approaches to non-violent communication.

Booking free places for the Lent Course
So this year, the five-week Lent course on Wednesdays will follow the week after the Ash Wednesday Service and opening introduction.  It would help us to know who is planning to attend by booking up places on our free event organisation site – please go to to book places.

Art Installation and Stations of the Cross by Chris Minchin
This year we are very pleased that Chris Minchin, a participant of the Moot Community and a sculpture student at the Royal College of Art will be contributing an art installation on the dynamic theme of the desert as well as creating an experiential interpretation of the Stations of the Cross.

Weds 13th Feb Ashing Service, Meditation, Art installation and Stations of the Cross
Lent begins with an Ashing Service at 5.30pm which is a service of penitence and a time to intentionally commit to spiritual reflection for the next 40 days. This is followed by our meditation group at 6.30pm where we practice the John Main approach for a silent 20 minutes finishing at around 7.15pm. At around 7.30pm we will gather for a time to reflect on the art.  This will begin quick prayer and followed by an introduction from the artist, Chris Minchin and ending around 9pm.

Weds 20th Feb 7.30pm Session 1 Peace and human flourishing
In this session we will explore the implication of John 10:10b I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  In the context of interpersonal, societal violence and the liberation of the way of Jesus, we will explore an overview of NVC (Non-Violent Communication).

Weds 27th Feb 7.30pm Session 2 Peace and outing our judgementalism to ourselves and others
In this session we will reflect on the imagery of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  We are reminded of our creation and how God made us in God’s image and likeness, saying we are very good.  However, we also have a strong shadow-side that can distort us and others.  Learning to love ourselves is an important step to be able to love others.

Weds 6th Mar 7.30pm Session 3 Peace and living the Sermon on the Mount
The Beatitudes are focused on the message of Jesus from the canonical Gospels and how his message of love is used in communication.  Empathy is a form of grace and honesty is a form of truth.

Weds 13th & 20th Mar 7.30pm Sessions 4 & 5 Peace and sustaining compassionate relationships
In these final two sessions, we will explore the concepts and practice of NVC within a Christ-centred life.

Refreshments: Tea, Coffee  and other refreshments will be available.

Venue: Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary Watling Street, London EC4M 9BW

Contacting us: 020 72489902

Booking Places Website:

Downloadable leaflet:  lentleaflet2013


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