One year on from Occupy Protest St Paul’s

Well it is now one year on from the Occupy protests outside St Paul’s Cathedral, and I was pleased to see there was a good reflective article exploring the event and implications in the Church Times.  I was moved by the picture above, when I recognised Jonathan Bartley in the small numbers of those who refused to move before the police cleared the last vestiges of the protest.  As we talked of a year ago, the protests did give some real space to encourage people to explore our current situation and to question what often is unquestionable, and unrestrained global capitalism is the one area that still is not questioned enough, because it is so powerful.

I commend reading the article, and none of this would be possible, if people were not willing to protest.  I am wondering increasingly is the Church called to protest to ensure that real debating space is created, as I really do not think there is sufficient space in our democracy now to really dialogue and explore, with such big things facing us, this space is incredibly important.


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