Prayers and support for those affected by the deaths at Poultry Street

It has been extremely distressing to observe the increasing number of suicides happening just around the corner to the home of the Moot Community at the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary at 1 Poultry Street. Another unreported death happened yesterday. It makes the point in our stressful and uncertain times, how important wellbeing is, and the need for support, kindness and generosity as many people face increasingly difficult lives.  There is always a certain amount of helplessness that happens in such situations, what can we do?

Well one thing we are committed to do is to pray and to continue to put on events that promote health, wellbeing and the alleviation of stress, so please do join in with me to pray for those who have been affected and those who have lost their lives. I have been in discussion with clergy in the area particularly of the Bank Churches group to explore how we can and should respond.

If you have been affected in anyway by these tragedies, and would like to seek support or even just to talk, please do get in contact with us here, or through the staff of the parish church to the area at St Mary LeBow.  Seeing a suicide is a very difficult thing – I know as I live in a high rise flat where a similar thing happened – and my flat mate of the time saw it and I saw what happened at the end, and it still affects me. It is a form of ultimate violence, so if we at the Moot Community or the staff at St Mary Aldermary can help let us know.  We have a small team of therapists, counsellors and supporters who are able to support if required.

if you are finding life and work stressful, and feeling overwhelmed by things and live or work in the City, then please do not suffer in silence, do get in contact with someone.  We are here if you need us.


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