Lecture series: the transformational potential of the commons

The UK’s Quilligan Seminars – a Tribute to Elinor Ostrom 1934 -2012

5 seminars in 5 days

Moot is proud to support this upcoming lecture series organised by the School of Commoning.

James Quilligan,  co-founder and policy development director of the Coalition for the Global Commons (2007-2008) will help us explore many new developments in the dawning world of the commons.


Monday (22):  How landtrusts provide deeply practical solutions for resource management. Why they are beginning to evolve into bioregional trusts, encompassing large, transboundary ecosystems.

Tuesday (23): How closing the gap between resource consumers and resource producers allows people to reclaim power over their own healthcare.

Wednesday (24): How our fiscal, financial and monetary structures have been captured by political and monied interests and how the decision-making for these economic systems can be restored to the common citizen.

Thursday (25): How generative conversations can reduce the disconnection and powerlessness in society and create new forms of political accountability and trust.

On Friday (26): Convened by MP Michael Meacher and Lord Andrew Phillips, we will assess today’s dysfunctional political economy and demonstrate how new leverage points for change can mobilize a commons-based society.

Overview and how to register here.



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