Dreaming of home

This motto will sound familiar to those who attended Greenbelt last year. Whether I choose to say ‘I’ or ‘we’, the reality is that there is a longing in me and in a few from the community to come to a new home, where God has called us to be. In my case, it will have meant leaving my country, and ultimately, a long-term relationship behind to fulfil that longing to become part of moot, which is now my home. Those anointed above us may think otherwise, but I have come to a point where, as far as I am concerned and for a few others in moot, a community house is now essential to becoming who God is calling them to be.

We are called to be living in and with the people of London, to live pure lives rather than celibate ones, and to submit to community decisions. In my case, the unfailingly recurring recognition by those monastics and spiritual directors who I’ve prayed with to follow such a call compels me to appeal here and now to the rest of the community and to get the ball rolling.

This is not out of the blue and have been boiling in me for months. Subject to Ian’s authority and that of those anointed above us – begging them to hear and attend to this request, I would call for those who share a similar longing to communicate their desire, those who – after reflection – feel that the time is ripe for such a move. I am not here talking of a house with all mooters coming together, but only a few to start with, who have at heart the desire to share a contemplative rhythm of life. To start with a small community, with a few people who need and want to pray together mornings and evenings together as well as to have a daily time for meditation/contemplation.

I pray that this call may resonate with others and that it may be heard as something that is now ripe for action.


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  1. On March 5th, 2012 at 1:48 am ianmobsby said:

    Hi Nic
    LOL – Anointed honestly!!! Yes Ordained – but not quite sure that makes me the ‘Holy of Holies’. Naaaaa.

    You are right Nic to name one of our key aspirations as a community. Just to reiterate the discernment of the community 5 years ago decided that God was calling us to:

    1. set up an arts cafe as a place for radical hospitality and mission in a permanent home – which in the last year has become St Mary Aldermary and the beginning of Host.

    2. develop our Rhythm of Life and start to live the aspirations, spiritual practices and postures. And also start to consider some form of noviciate course for new people to get their heads around what we do and why we do it. We are just starting out on this, we are all at the moments novices growing into our ROL. We have made great progress with this, but we have a long way to go.

    3. Seek for Moot to become recognised as an Acknowledged Religious Community of the Church of England/Anglican Communion. We are seeking permission from the Bishop of London to begin this, and I am working hard at the national level at the Advisory Council to get a proposal agreed how this could proceed.

    4. And lastly but not least – that once we have Host sorted, and financially stable – we can start to consider creating an intentional community as a mother ship for the community. We have not even begun to consider these needs yet.

    But saying all of that – Nic – I really want to support your idea about mooters setting up proto-communities of shared housing, developing small intentional communities – as you say sharing in a rhythm of prayer and shared life drawing on Moot’s ROL. I totally think this is a really good idea. From my experiences of being in intentional communities – doing intentional community is not at all easy – and there is a real danger of people falling out with one another unless you get the balance right – and have an outside mentor to help you mediate on disputes. Seriously – it is not easy particularly where the accommodation may be small which creates tensions.

    SO go for it Nic – we do need people to try out being in intentional communities – it will help us gain wisdom – so Aaron and Regine living with the Franciscans, others living in small communities – all this will really help!

    So I agree – for those who feel called to experiment with trying out intentional living drawing on our Moot ROL – the time is ripe for action…. and in time – I hope we can then start to plan how this can be taken forward with a mother house…..