Advent Waiting ….

Advent and preparation for Christmas is not any easy time of year.  So rather than getting stressed and over working, we suggest getting to the things that matter, and that is the spiritual significance of the season.  So Moot has provided a number of events to try and help you get beyond the frantic to get to the substance.

1. Drop into St Mary Aldermary to reflect using Art

We have created a booklet and have two piece of art per week (building in number as advent increases), so why not drop in when you can.  The Church is open from 7.3o to 6pm most days. For more information click here

2. Come to our Advent Carols by candlelight at St Mary Aldermary

On Tuesday 13th 6.30pm for refreshments and nibbles 7.15pm start, we have our official St Mary Aldermary Carol Service.  This year we have professional singers, musicians and readers.  So come along… click here for more info.

3. Informal Carols and Christmas Service

On Sunday 18th December 3 for 3.30pm, we have our final service before Christmas.  This will be a time for informal carols around a simple service.  This is aimed to accommodate families, children and everyone, so please do come along. Click here for info at end of page.

As well as the events, there is something quite healthy about having to wait.  We hate it in a consumptive instant culture, but there something about having time to prepare, to seek things out. What are we waiting for?  Well I think it is about getting beyond all the business, to realise that the heart of living is about love, and it is love that lies behind the surface of Advent.  Learning to love ourselves, loving others, and loving God, and to do this we need to get deeper into who we are, and Advent demands that we do… As Thomas Merton Said…

They have reduced themselves to a life lived within the limits of their five senses… but it is not the bodies fault. It is the fault of the person [themself], who consents to the illusion, who finds security in self-deception and will not answer the secret voice of God calling [them] to take a risk and venture by faith outside the reassuring and protective limits of his five senses. (New Seeds, pp. 27-28)] (Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation, (New Directions, 1961), pp. 34-35).

So let us get beyond the surface to the heart of the matter as Advent beacons us to do.


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