Eucharistic Living by Aaron Kennedy

At the Moot Eucharist Service on Sunday 20th February 2011 in the Church of St Mary Aldermary in the City of London, Aaron Kennedy explores the theme of Eucharistic Living.

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POSTED 21.02.11 BY: ianmobsby | Comments (1)

One Response to “Eucharistic Living by Aaron Kennedy”

  1. On February 21st, 2011 at 10:00 am ianmobsby said:

    I was really moved by the connection Aaron makes between the meal of Eucharist or Communion alongside the paradoxical call to find liberation and wellbeing through self-surrender of the ego… Well worth listening to. Eucharist is about the gathering and the sending of the people of God. It is a missional ordinance. Challenged to go deeper into the mystery of following Jesus into a relationship with the Trinity, and then the call to live a different way, the way of love in the world. This then is about joining with the missio dei, the God that is seeking to restore all things back into right relationship with the divine.