A DAY, by Bart Wolffe

Like no other? The same obstacle course, problems with the job,

Cash flow short, going from bed to chair,

From here to there and back again?

No. Instead

Today I heard of a friend from far away and long ago

Alive and now … and so

What’s more,

I saw a man with a black cigar and from his backpack

A protruding flower.

Today was not the same.

A note came from South Africa

To let me know another fellow was holding in his hand

At that very moment a book of mine.

It made me feel that  time and distance was not real

Between the call for miracles

But rather planned.

And before I knew it, I had taken from the shelf

The same book for myself

And said across the Ethernet:

“I have it, the same words, the same text, the same truth

And we both are less than a few inches away

Across the continents

In what we share and say;

The virtual world is tactile now,

The bridge is built

And manifest right here somehow.”

And when you who, stranger I never knew

Read these cogitations written here

We also, my dear, make common use;

My tongue, your eye, our ear…


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  1. On December 29th, 2010 at 10:35 pm Jon said:

    This put a little smile on my face 🙂