Afternoon tea with a contemporary artist

On Friday last week, I had the very great fortune to meet Ricardo Cinalli, an Argentinian Contemporary Artist whose incredible studio is in an ex-Hugenot weavers shop in Spitalfields.  We talked about life, the problems facing humanity, and his passion for art.  Cinalli is known for his style and passion for the renaissance painters, but then draws this form into contemporary thoughts, scenes and issues.  He is very interested in contemporary humanity, how we are driven by incredible passion and creativity but at the same time, such brokenness and destructiveness.

Cinalli has contributed a considerable number of pieces of work both as paintings, sculpture and frescos.  The most famous is the fresco in the Duomo of Terni in Italy.  Ricardo is very interested in our Arts Cafe Lounge, and is keen to exhibit in it if and when it gets set up – which would be fantastic!

Ricardo is intending to come to Moot sometime, so keep an eye out for him.  We will be exploring the possibility of a podcast and possibly an evening discussing art in the fullness of time.

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