A call for Essays

Many will be aware that, for a long time, Moot has hosted essays on our site unter the section called Greyspace. As we are updating the site, (and I have spent the afternoon transferring 29 essays onto the new site, trying to not get engrossed in each one!) I thought it may be a good oportunity to expend this resource.

If you have a recent article you think may be useful for the Essays section on the new Moot website (more info to come) and would like others to be able to read it, please submit it in pdf format to me:

Please also state which of the following headings you would like it to be categorised under:
Emerging Church and Theology,
Emerging Church and Ecclesiology,
Emerging Church & Philosophy
Emerging Church & The Arts
Emerging Church Reflections
Emerging Church & The Humanities
Praxis, Practical & Pastoral Theology
Postmodern Theology
Ancient:Future Faith Development
Emerging Church & Worship

All essays will be read first. Essays will not neccessarily be posted online. Whether essays are posted is left to the discretion of Moot.


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