Great Resource for Daily Prayer

Thanks to Jennie Hogan for this heads up on this one, as many in Moot have asked where you find the texts for Daily Prayer in its Morning and Evening format. Well Jennie has let me know of an online resource. See here This gives you everything you need in trad or contemporary form saving you money so you don’t need to buy a lectionary. So please do use this if you are seeking something that immerses you in scriptural texts in the Hebrew Scriptures or Christian New Testament.

Remember that this practice in the Church of England is inherited as an adapted monastic approach to daily prayer. It is the practice to say the Benedictus in the morning, Magnificat in the evening and Nunc Dimittis in the night. Daily Prayer in the Church of England remains centred on these three core texts to the early church. Unsurprisingly these texts are full of hope and I increasingly find these inspirational. it is also much easier to do this form of prayer with others. It is aimed at small gatherings of people.

Hope that makes sense. So if you are experimenting with prayer with friends or your household or what ever, why not try this. The link above gives you everything you will need.

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