Melbourne Storms and Fires

I am enjoying starting my speaking & book tour in Melbourne Australia, but it has begun in a background of ongoing trauma. I am now stuck inside after storms have caused a return risk of fires so a state of emergency has been created, requiring to all be at home and await instructions.  It feels very traumatised here, a lot of people have died, and the risk continues.  It feels a little bit like that feeling I remember from the London Tube & Bus terrorist activity 2 years ago.  There is a profound sense of fear here, but at the same time, a real sense of people coming together.  I was really moved by the memorial in the Anglican Cathedral remembering those who have died.  So it is a strange time to kick off a tour when I have bronchitis and on antibiotics, and where the books I sent over were all printed wrongly by Lulu!!!  So it has been extremely challenging. I am hoping it is going to get easier!!


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    Take care Ian