Entertainment Theology by Barry Taylor

Whilst I have been travelling around in the US & Canada on my own book tour, I have been reading Barry Taylor’s new book called Entertainment Theology.It is a very long time since a theology book affected me as much as post-evangelical, but this one just has. It is timely as it picks up some of the questions I do not answer in my own book the becoming of G-d, and runs to the issues and questions of what a post-secular and post-patriarchal form of Christian Spirituality looks like. It is packed full of issues that are important to be faced, many I think that relate to our proposed to move (Moot Community) to our new context.

Several quotes have stuck with me. I will keep my thoughts to myself at the moment about most of this, as I am still reflecting on its consequences for me. I will also be interviewing Barry about the book on the site. He quotes Glenn Frey a musician who said: The Problem with Christians is that they’ve put a padlock on paradise and lost Jesus in a bunch of bad songs.

This book is about attending to the Spirit in a new age of mission, for which I think he puts it so well.
I think mission might be the journey of Christians into all the world to discover the liberating mission of Jesus in transforming encounter with others, and discovery is almost always the result of adventure, creativity and risk.

If you like this stuff check out comments on Pete Rollins blog which has covered some of this ground here


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