Sharing Wifi in your neighbourhood through Fon

Not sure if everyone has seen this yet, but Gareth Powell gave the heads up on Fon. If you have wifi, Fon enables you to make it available securely to others in your neighbourhood, and then to be able to use other peoples wifi in other places all around the world.

I like this idea of sharing in a form of global co-operative. Not only does it share resources generously with others, but it also will save you money if you need access to wifi abroad. For some providers – you can subscribe to this and make some money back by charging for people’s use. This seems quite stingy to me. If you have a BT broadband service, then you can register through them for Fon, and then people can access your wifi through BT Openzone with no exposure to your wifi settings or security….

I am going to the States and Canada in June, so we will see if it works, I am hoping so….


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