new book about justice and christianity

The new book by Emma Kennedy, Justice and the Heart of God (Lion Hudson), can be pre-ordered from the link above. It looks like a great resource for small groups or mini-moots, having a series of ten well researched studies addressing issues of great significance in contemporary society, such justice, climate change, gender, debt, refugee’s, aid and trade.

Did I mention that Emma is my sister?!

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  1. On May 11th, 2008 at 2:03 pm Pilgrim said:

    Good news for you, Aaron: Emma’s book is being promoted in the latest issue of Engage, being rolled out to over 100 Christian bookshops this week.

    More info here:
    Makeover, anyone?

    Hope it sells well; and would love it if Emma would like to get in touch and tell me a bit more about the book, herself, her vision, her involvement with Christian Aid to run as a guest blog/author interview feature.