Stations – Places for pilgrims to pray

I was rather chuffed to pick up a copy of a little booklet at Greenbelt for a mere two quid: Stations – Places for pilgrims to pray by the late Simon Bailey. As the title suggest it is a series of meditations based around familiar places, some obvious, other not so:

• In a church: Porch, door, font, space, nave, window, arch, organ, pulpit and lectern, altar, dark corner, behind the curtain, box for gifts, prayer board, anywhere, churchyard, spire/tower/cross and outside.
• In your home
: Door, living room, kitchen, dining room, stairs, bathroom and bedroom.
• In your town/city/village:
road, shop, pub, town hall, park, school, church, hospital, gutter, telephone box, factory and station.
• In your body
: Your ears, your eyes, your mouth, your insides, your feet, your hands and your mind.

Each meditation follows a simple structure:

1. description of the place

2. words to pray

3. words to think about

4. someone to pray for

Beautiful. The booklet is available from Cairns Publications who also appear to do a whole range of other stuff that may be worth looking at including other prayer resources. Interestingly they also have a Small Pilgrim Places project encouraging a network of places as ‘breathing spaces’ for prayer and meditation.

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