Mootique: Blah Learning Day on Faith Formation

Pleased to say you can now download the mp3s of the three talks by John Drane, Ben Edson and Andrew Roberts with associated handouts from the Mootique. All proceeds go towards the costs of Moot’s ongoing work. The Learning day occurred on Oct 14th 2006 which explores the following questions:

Many emerging churches/fresh expressions have emphasised ‘belonging without necessarily believing’ and faith as a journey of life. But we are left with the question – how do people in new forms of Church find and continue to grow in faith? And what instruction or resources need to be in place to facilitate this important spiritual journey?This study day seeks to explore practically the issues and potential solutions for contemporary forms of Christian formation.


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  1. On October 16th, 2006 at 2:31 pm Ian said:

    Special thanks to Tasha, Adrian & Aaron for setting the place up, to Jayne & Kat for great food, and drink sorting out. It went very smoothly because of your support and commitment, I for one really appreciated your support!! Cheers!!